Product Of The Day: Jimmy Choo Glittering Perfumed Body Cream Review

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The manufacturer of high-end fashion and shoes has been expanding his brand to include cosmetics as well. Today, we will be reviewing one such product from the cosmetics range, the Jimmy Choo Glittering Perfumed Body Cream. It is part of the Jimmy Choo Body Collection.


It comes in a pink and purple outer carton with a sort of snake skin texture to it. The way they've imitated the snake skin texture is amazing. But then again, it's not surprising, coming from such a world renowned brand.

jimmy choo glitter body cream review

The actual cream comes in a glass jar that almost looks like it's crystal. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, although the jar is really heavy, and it would be impossible to travel with it.

jimmy choo glitter body cream review

Product Description:

Nourish your skin with the velvety and sensuous Jimmy Choo Perfumed Glittering Body Cream. This scintillating cream has a rich and moisturising texture that leaves skin supple and subtly shimmering with the glamorous scent of Jimmy Choo Parfum.


The cream has a velvety texture and gets absorbed by the skin easily. It has shea butter and glycerin that make it really hydrating for dry skin. It even helps get rid of inflammations caused due to dry skin because it has paraffin oil. It even has cottonseed oil that helps in skin regeneration.

jimmy choo glitter body cream review


It has a very subtle shimmer that would show through only under the light. It is just the right amount of shimmer for the body and does not look over the top like most other glitter body creams tend to look. We don't think it shows up on camera, but trust us on this, it is a beautiful, light shimmer. 

jimmy choo glitter body cream review


Now, coming to the main part of the product - the fragrance. This cream has the fragrance of the Jimmy Choo Parfum, which has notes of mandarin orange, pear, orchids, toffee and patchouli. Overall, it is a warm spicy scent with fruity and floral notes. It is described as feminine, yet empowering.

- Subtle shimmer
- Fragrance
- Hydrating

- Not travel friendly

Price: Rs. 5495 for 150 ml

Boldsky Rating: 4/5

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