9 Formal-Wear Lipsticks To Rock At Work!

By: Rima Chowdhury

Most of the women fear that their working environment will not accept bold lips and hence they keep it up to nude shades. Ladies, that's why we're precisely here and that is to enlighten you on lipstick shades you could try for office.

While going to office, it is very difficult to choose the appropriate kind of lipstick that suits your professional as well as portrays the feminist side of your personality.

Most of the women prefer going with nude lips, there are a few women who end up wearing bright party red or maroon coloured lipstick, which is surely inappropriate for the office environment.

If you are confused about choosing the appropriate lipstick shades, here are some of the perfect shades for office wear.


1. Mauve

Mauve is one among the feminine colours which suits all skin types and tones. Among all, mauve is the most common and popular lipstick shade that is opted by most working women. This shade of colour suits well with all coloured outfits and it looks perfect under daylight.


2. Peach

Peach is one among the descent yet subtle-looking lipstick shades that is opted by working women. Peach goes will with day-time outfits and also complements your high-class professionalism. Peach is a girly colour which does not look bold, sassy and inappropriate in a working environment. However, one negative point or feedback for this colour is girls with dark skin tones should avoid using the colour.


3. Beige

Beige colour is trending in the market and so is the beige coloured lipstick. If you wish to carry off nude lips which are not nude, consider wearing a beige coloured shade on lips. Beige colour lipstick is known as the best complexion-matching colour, as it goes well with all skin tones.


4. Coral

In order to balance your professional and fashionable style in office, you can consider wearing a coral shade lipstick. One thing to remember while using coral shade is to dab the lipstick lightly and spread it with the help of a brush. This light pigmented lip colour looks elegant.


5. Orange Pink

Orange pink is a recent colour combination ruining the internet. Orange pink lipstick is a sassy combination of rose pink and tangy orange colour, which gives an impression of luscious-looking lips. Orange pink lipsticks are highly pigmented and go well under the daytime light. Because these are high-pigmented lipsticks, make sure you apply the lipstick lightly! Avoid adding gloss effect to this colour.


6. Rose Pink

Rose pink colour is one of the prettiest lipstick shades in lipsticks which are a classic symbol of elegance and power. Known to be the best pink colour in lipstick, rose pink is sort of muted but manages to pop on your lips wonderfully. Rose pink lipstick shade is simply magnificent.


7. Red

Want to wear red to the workplace? Well, red lipstick is the boldest and riskiest shade you can ever wear to the office. For red lovers, you should make sure that you apply the lightest shade of red and then proceed to the office. Dab the lipstick lightly and if needed, apply some foundation on the lips to avoid the colour from popping. Be clean and confident while playing with the shades of red.


8. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is sort of the lightest shade of brown in the market. Cinnamon lipsticks are sort of an occasional lipstick wear, which goes well with light shades of clothes. Besides cinnamon, there are different shades of brown like cocoa hue, rich and dark chocolate.


9. Soft Pink

Last but not the least, a woman who is not impressed with the colours mentioned above should consider wearing soft pink shades to the office. This warm colour looks great on the lips which are perfect to be worn at the office. Irrespective of the outfit and season, soft pink lipstick shade goes well with anything.

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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