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Makeup Hacks To Make Mondays Easier

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Monday blues! This is something that we all face on every dragging long Monday! Dragging yourself to work is one of the worst feelings ever, which we're sure most of you agree with.

This can change when you would start being positive and start looking your best. When you are dressed best and have the best look, there is nothing that can demotivate you.

In this article, we are here to share some of the makeup hacks that can make your Mondays easier.

Generally, on Monday mornings, when you try to get ready with half-shut eyes, or with a tired-looking skin and troublesome hair, you are least motivated to work.

But, when it is the other way round, i.e., when you are all set and ready to look your best, then signs of a bored day never appear!

These are the hacks that you can follow to fight your Monday blues. Find out more about these interesting tips that you can try on a Monday morning to look your best. Read on to know more.

Avoid Foundation
Avoid using the foundation and instead opt for a cream highlighter on tops of your cheeks. This will give you an energising look. Apply a light amount of bronzer if you need the extra spark.

Avoid Foundation

If Keen On Using Foundation Follow This
Liquid foundation helps to provide a better and a more even finish look when compared to powder foundation which takes a lot of time to blend and also does not give you the desired finish.

Choose The Right Concealer
Use a pink or peach coloured concealers to hide dark circles and to cover any red spots apply a green-toned concealer.

Choose The Right Concealer

Plump Your Lips
Plump your lips by adding a bit of highlighter on your upper lip and apply a base of foundation on your lips before applying lipstick.

Start Contouring
This trick is nothing but a contouring trick that is done with a gradual self-tanner, instead of applying makeup. You can simply add a highlighter to your tanned skin. So, try these tricks and fight your Monday blues easily.

Try these tricks and fight your Monday blues easily.

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