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Makeup Brushes You Must Have In Your Kit

By: Kumutha G

For eyes with just enough pop, cheeks with a pink glow rather than a gaudy rouge and eyebrows with exotic arch than flat bush, when it comes to getting the look right, it is as much about the makeup brushes you use, as it is about the products you apply.

So, when buying makeup brushes, what exactly will suit your needs? Should you go for fluffy pom-poms or sleek pointed tips? Is synthetic bristle right for you or the natural ones? With so many questions brimming and little or no answer, you are bound to make a wrong investment.

A makeup brush is essentially used to contour, highlight and blend your face to absolute perfection, and contrary to popular notion, you just need a few right tools, rather than an entire kit to master the art.

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It all boils down to your needs. Know your requirement and make your purchases accordingly. And with enough care a good branded brush can easily last you a lifetime.

Here is a curated list of a few essential brushes every girl needs in her makeup kit.

Makeup Brushes You Must Have In Your Kit

Eye Brushes
Eye brushes basically do the job of dusting, applying and contouring eyeshadows for that smooth seamless finishing. Within eye brushes there are a few choices you need to sift through.

  • Eye Shader Brush Comes with flat stiff bristles and ideally used to pack eyeshadows on the lids.
Makeup Brushes You Must Have In Your Kit
  • Stiff Dome Brush Ideal to create the smoky eyes look and comes with stiff bristles that make it easier to create a defined finishing.
  • Pencil Brush A versatile brush that can also double up as a lip brush. It is used for shading on the lids or the creases of the eyes.
Makeup Brushes You Must Have In Your Kit

Blush Brush
Your beauty kit is incomplete without a blush brush. From applying the blush on your cheeks, to contouring, shading and defining, this one brush pretty much does it all. Pick a dome-shaped brush with synthetic bristles. You can also pick one that comes with the term 'contour' on the packaging.

Concealer Brush
It comes with a tapered head and has bristles that are designed to be both flexible and stiff for that extra precision. Some of your worst beauty problems - blemishes, scars and under eye circles - are tackled by this one brush.

Makeup Brushes You Must Have In Your Kit

Stippling Brush
Blending blush with bronzer can be a nightmare for many. This little brush is designed to simplify the job without leaving any streaks. The easy grip and stiff bristles will make getting that professional air-brush finishing a breeze.

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Powder Brush
It comes with a tapered head and large, dense and fluffy bristles. The brush does the job of depositing powder onto your cheeks and removing any excess makeup, without disrupting the carefully crafted look. It can also double up as an amazing contour brush.

Makeup Brushes You Must Have In Your Kit

Lip Brush
Wondering why you need a lip brush when you can apply lipstick straight out of the tube? Here is why. It helps to fill in the crevices and lines of your lips for that smudge-free smooth finishing. Furthermore, it also comes in handy when mixing two shades to make your own unique hue of lip colour. For easy application, chose one with a tapered head, thin handle and super-soft bristles.

These basic makeup brushes will make application of makeup easier and will give you a professional quality polished look.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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