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How To Get The Perfect Glossy Makeup Look

By: Riddhi Roy

Over the past few years people have been obsessed with the matte makeup look. Of course, matte makeup is great and looks very sophisticated, but because of this obsession with matte makeup, we ended up forgetting just how great glossy makeup can look.

Isn't lip gloss the first thing that every girl buys when she starts out with makeup?

In the 90s, the glossy makeup look was the only look. After that, somehow, matte lipsticks and matte effect foundations gained immense popularity, along with contouring and other complicated forms of makeup.

How to get a glossy makeup look

We love what these types of makeup can do to our faces. But sometimes we want to try out the simple types of makeup that we followed in the good old days long ago. Also, sticking to one kind of makeup can be a bit limiting.

Matte makeup has a lot of benefits. It has staying power and the wind or the weather does not impact it at all.

But if you'd like to try out a fun look in very little time, then do keep reading. Keep in mind that this look is best for people with dry skin.

How to get a glossy makeup look

Foundation: Go for a foundation or a BB cream that provides a dewy finish. Most BB creams available in the market provide a dewy finish. For high coverage, go for a foundation, as opposed to a mousse or mineral makeup. Blend the product into your skin with a stippling brush.

Highlighting concealer: A highlighting concealer would really help with this look to highlight the high points of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. You can even use one with shimmer, as the glossier, the better.

Eyelids: Keep your eyelids free of eyeshadow, because that would make the entire look a little too intense. Use a little bit of the same highlighter you used on your cheekbones on the eyelids if you want. If you have naturally oily lids, you can skip this step all together.

How to get a glossy makeup look

Lips: Now, coming to the best part, don't use a lipstick for this look. If you have pigmented lips, use a nude lipstick or lip liner as a base and then coat that with pink or nude lip gloss. Try using a lip gloss with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer can make the lips look plumper.

Set: Finish the look with a setting spray, and not with powder, as using powder will take the gloss away from the skin. The setting spray will help the glossy look to last longer.

Try this look and let us know how you felt about trying a glossy look after a long time.

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