How To Make Use Of Expired Makeup?

By: Rima

My heart pains when I need to toss my beloved lipstick, perfume or any other cosmetic product. Throwing away the expired product is required in order to ensure your skin is safe.

However, there are a few makeup products which can be used even after they're expired. Uses of expired makeup do not involve using them on skin, but surely you have different ways to try them out.

Worry not, because here we mention to you plenty of innovative things you can actually do with your expired makeup products.


1. Cake Products

Cake products expire soon and they are not safe to be used around the eye area or cheeks. These cake products can be used to make a thick mask on your face during the Halloween week. Make sure that your cake product has not expired from a longer period of time and is not smelling bad. It should be a product which has just expired or you simply do not want to use. Using this, you can resort to making a creative and realistic Halloween mask.


2. Fragrance

Perfumes expire by 3-4 years and one common reason behind its expiration is improper storage. Perfume should not be used after it gets expired, as it may affect the skin and also leave stains on your clothes. Expired perfume can be used as a room freshener or toilet freshener instead, which can help to make your room smell fresh and good every time.


3. Powder

Expired powders can be used for craft-making and things beyond that. Dabbing some foundation or baby powder on craft paper can make them look fresh and good. Using powder can allow your craft paper to glaze and shine due to the shiny particles present in the foundation. Other than this, an expired powder can be used on the heel in order to prevent blisters.


4. Lip Balm

Expired lip balm can be used to rub on the inside of the heel in order to prevent painful condition. For a woman who often suffers from blisters and shoe bit problem, she can rub lip balm on the shoes and leave it on for some time. This will avoid friction and allow you to walk with comfort.


5. Liners

Dried or expired eye liners can be excellent pencils that can be used to give borders to your painting. Believe me, using liners can be more comfortable than using a sketch pen to give a border to the objects. Other than this, if you have thick brush, liners can also be used to colour your drawing. Liners can also be used to draw objects on walls with perfection due to its super thin edge. They are easy to be rubbed off and also add glaze to the object.


6. Mascara

Mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria and this is the reason they expire soon. Mascara should be tossed away once expired, but you can re-use the spoolie. Take the spoolie and clean it well using a dish-washing powder. Now lay it flat and allow it to dry properly. This spool can be used as an eyebrow brush or to remove the clumps of mascara on your lashes.


7. Eyeshadow

You can create your own nail polish using an expired eyeshadow. If you happen to have the whole expired eyeshadow palette, you can create nail polish using each colour present in the palette. Take a clear top coat and mix the eyeshadow of your choice. Mix both of them properly and apply it on your nails. This is how you can create your own nail paint at home.


8. Kajal

Kajal is my favourite cosmetic product, which I prefer to carry in my purse. If you have an expired Kajal and want to fix it up, here is what you can do. Take the Kajal pencil and burn it using a burner. Make sure the Kajal does not start melting due to excess heat. Wait for some time, allow it to cool completely and then you can reuse this Kajal again.


9. Lipstick

You can convert your expired lipstick into a tinted lip balm. Keep the colour you love the most and melt it for some time with wax. Heating helps to kill the bacteria in the lipstick and you can create your own lip balm out of a lipstick.

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Story first published: Monday, October 31, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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