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Easy Steps to Do Nude Makeup

By: Debdatta Mazumder

While it comes to discussing about makeup, women always think it is something gorgeous and colourful. Yes, it is, but not always.

For example, you can't attend your office with a bridal makeup on, right? But, any corporate meetings need a certain amount of touch-up to be done to look refreshed and sophisticated.

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Nude makeup, or no makeup look, is the best thing you can do for such occasions. This look enhances your inner beauty.

If you consult any beautician, they can efficiently give you the look. But, with simple steps to do a nude makeup, you can do it at home too.

But, before doing any makeup, you need to have a good and healthy skin. Remember, this style of makeup isn't only putting colours on your face. It is about bringing out the freshness of your face.

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So, if you want to follow easy steps to do a nude makeup, you should take good care of your skin. Puffy eyes and dark spots on your skin might not give you a proper look, if you have plans for a nude makeup.

So, drink water as much as you can and have enough rest. Also, keep fruits and vegetables in your regular diet plan. So, are you ready? Here are some easy steps to do a nude makeup. Have a look.


1. Cleanse Your Face:

It is the basic step of every makeup. Never put makeup products on a dirty face, as it will look bumpy and you can face a lot of skin problems. Use face wash and a cleanser to clean your face properly.


2. Apply Moisturiser:

It is one of the important steps to do a nude makeup. Put on a light moisturiser and an eye cream and wait for a few minutes to set it on your skin. Use quality products that will support foundation and concealer to sit well on your skin.


3. Use A Corrector:

Take a concealer brush and apply a corrector to your under-eye area. Pick a colour that is neutral to your skin tone. Apply it from the inner corner of your eyes and blend it with your fingers.


4. Apply Foundation:

While following the easy steps to do a nude makeup, this is the next step you need to cross check. Take a foundation which is two shades darker than your concealer or corrector. For a nude makeup, you can try shades of yellow. Check which shade suits you and blend it with a foundation brush.


5. Powder:

This is another important tip to keep in mind while following steps to do nude makeup. Take a powder puff and apply some translucent powder all over your face and neck to get a smooth touch. Your face will have a nice glow after this.


6. Bronzer:

For sun-tanned skin, bronzer is a friend. It will give your face a neutral look, which is an important part of a "no-makeup" look. Choose pitch or rosy pink for bronzer powder and apply it evenly on your nose, cheeks, chin and neck.


7. Apply Blush:

One of the most important steps to do nude makeup is this one. Take neutral shades of blush and apply it on your cheeks. Blend it towards your hairline. Take a shade brighter in your brush and apply it all over the neutral shade. It will give you a long-lasting look.


8. Lip Liner And Lipstick:

Remember, you're doing a nude makeup. Say good-bye to all dark shades. It is better to pick natural colours or pale shades of pink. Apply it evenly and line your lip with the same colour lip liner. Blend the edges with a brush to get a softer look.


9. Concentrate On The Eyes:

The steps to do a nude makeup won't be complete if you ignore your eyes. Take an eye-shadow that is matching to your hair colour and define your eyebrows. For the upper lid, use light hued eyeshadow and take a bit of darker shade for the lower lid.


10. Apply An Eyeliner:

For a "no-makeup" look, you can draw a thin line of your eyeliner. If you draw a thick line, make sure the lines meet at the corners of your eyes. Also, paint it with the flat side of the brush.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 18, 2016, 7:30 [IST]
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