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Amazing Uses Of Mascara In Your Beauty Routine!

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Don't we just love multitasking with the use of beauty products? Using lipsticks as blushes, or sunscreens that double up as tinted creams. Or just everyday products like petroleum jelly that could double up as many makeup products in one!

Multitasking products save a lot of time and money and are great to be used for when you are running low on some product or the other. It is like making the most out of beauty products that already exist in your drawer.

Well, we don't think you ever thought that a mascara could qualify as a multitasking beauty product. But, it can! What's more is that you could get rid of a lot of extra products using these few tips that are listed in this article.

multiple uses of mascara

How amazing is that? It is definitely like beauty on a budget. And for those of us obsessed with makeup and yet "obsessed with makeup", multitasking products are actually god sent.

And we all need a little help when it comes to figuring out which products double up as substitutes for others. So, keep reading to know about the amazing ways in which you can use mascaras, here!

multiple uses of mascara

Eyeliner: We have all had those days when we've run out of our regular eyeliners. So, what do we do? No need to fear, just reach out for your tube of mascara and an angled eyeliner brush. And draw any style of a liner that you want! We find this to actually work better than eyeliners, as mascaras are more pigmented and stronger than eyeliners, plus they are waterproof.

multiple uses of mascara

Cover Up Greys: Got an embarrassing grey hair cropping up? We've got you covered. Or rather your mascara has. Just use the wand to coat the silver hair in black, and voilà, grey hair's all covered!

Fix Fly Aways: Baby hairs can be really, really annoying to deal with. And no matter what we do, they seem to show up, most of the times. So, the next time this happens, just coat the strands with a mascara. This would help keep the baby hairs in place for sure.

multiple uses of mascara

Eyebrows: Eyebrow-setting gels and pomades are very difficult to find in India. At reasonable costs, we mean. Your mascara can double up as an eyebrow gel and it would work in darkening the brows as well. None of your eyebrow hair would move around once set with a mascara, guaranteed.

So, there you have the amazing multiple uses of mascaras. We hope you try these out and found this post to be useful.

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Story first published: Sunday, August 14, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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