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8 Pictures That Would Convince You To Try Bold Lip Colours Now!

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Blue, oxblood and purple shades seem to be all the rage in terms of bold lip colours on the runway! But, a lot of people are really hesitant to try them out. And the hesitation is pretty normal, as we have all been conditioned into thinking that red and pink lips are attractive.

Remember the 90s, when brown was the trending lip shade? Dark matte browns, and even frosted browns used to be a big hit during that time. And sometimes, people ventured off to a really dark mocha shade to give off the Gothic vibe.

Well, they say trends do a full circle in history, which is to say that 90s trends are coming back into the limelight, but with a twist.

We really love how bold lipsticks can look on people if carried off well and with the right attitude and confidence!

So, take inspiration from these lovely ladies from all over the world and rock that trending bold lipstick look now.

Remember, confidence is your greatest accessory. Have true confidence and, trust us, nothing on this entire planet can ever stop you. There is definitely a bold lip colour out there to suit every skin tone.


1. Turquoise Blue:

This turquoise blue lipstick may seem like a huge risk, but if she can pull it off, so can you! You just need the right kind of makeup to accompany it. This is definitely one of the best bold lip colours to try. Image courtesy: karlizzle_nizzle (Instagram)


2. Royal & Navy Blue:

Did you ever think you could rock a nerdy or hipster chic lipstick with anything other than the mainstream shades like pinks, reds and nudes? Look at how this girl here is rocking it with this gorgeous shade that's a mix of royal and navy blues. Image courtesy: queen_of_thee_seea(Instagram)


3. Light Navy Blue:

Yes, blue is a really loud colour for a lipstick, so one doesn't really expect it to look subtle or soft. In that case, you could keep the rest of your face bare and minimal, like she has done here, to let your bold mouth do all the talking. Image courtesy: verdier_laure_(Instagram)


4. Purple:

You could channel your inner Goth goddess like Michelle here, who has gone for a purple-blue shade. Her piercings take the look to an entirely new level, don't you think? This trending lip colour can surely give you THE LOOK if you know how to wear it. Image courtesy: michellejfalcone(Instagram)


5. Light Neon Blue:

Even bolder than a blue lip colour is a neon blue one, if you're wondering how a bold lipstick will look. Most people would be really afraid to venture there. But, just look at the confidence exuding from this woman, and go ahead and try out this shade. Confidence is the key on how to do a bold lipstick look. Image courtesy: faerie_blossom(Instagram)


6. Royal Blue:

Royal blue is one of our favourite shades of blue because it looks so good on everyone! The lip, and the rest of her makeup is on point. If there is one shade of blue you should try out, it's definitely royal blue. Image courtesy: earthpony_3000 (instagram)


7. Dark Navy Blue:

This seems like a completely Goth shade, but somehow, she's managed to make it look pretty and subtle, by keeping the rest of her makeup really muted. And, of course, it looks absolutely gorgeous for a bold lip colour to try out. Image courtesy: ivy_hb (instagram)


8. Navy Blue:

We kind of think this shade is like a denim blue. It goes really well with the classic eyeliner she's got on. If you have any doubts about which shade to try, this is one of the best shades of bold lip colors to try out from. Image courtesy: _rachel_laura_(instagram)

So go on, take inspiration from these ladies and try out a bold lipstick shade now! We can't think of why you'd regret it.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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