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9 Makeup Tips To Get Slim Face

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Makeup makes you look amazing and changes your look altogether. But the question arises, how to make the best out of makeup products? There are a lot of useful tips that you can do with makeup. A right makeup done in right manner will make a thin face plump and at the same time can also make a fat face appear slim.

Must Know Indian Party Make-Up Tips

You must know the makeup tips and tacts to make the face look according to your choice. Here in this article we will share with you some effective makeup tips to make face appear slim. These tips can be tried even by those who are just beginners or not so good in grooming themselves. We have presented for you one of the easiest makeup tips to make face slimmer.

Those tackling with a fat face now need not to worry as we have for you some world's best tips to make your face slim. Now you need not to go on crash diets and other silly things to slim your face, when you have the power of right makeup in your hands.

One Minute Makeup Tips

So ladies, get ready to groom yourself in the right way and become an eye candy with these best makeup tips to make your face slim.


Focus More On Your Eyes

If your eyes look bigger then it will make your face look smaller and slim as a general rule. So if you have smaller eyes, make them appear big by eye makeup. There are some tricks that will make your eyes pop. You can add a light shade to the inner corner of your eyes and curl your eyelashes using a eyelash curler. You can also go for cat eye liner which will further slim your face as it elongates the eyes.


Make Your Eyebrows Thick

By making your eyebrows prominent using a black or dark brown pencil, is another useful tip to make your face appear slim. If you have thin brows, it will make your face appear plump.


Contouring Tip

It takes time to contour your face, so you usually skip it. However, when you will get used to it contouring will be one of the effective makeup tip to make your face look thinner. Contour the sides of your face with a darker shade and the facial features (that you want to highlight) by a lighter one. This will make the sides of your face recede into the background and your facial features prominent.


Use A Shimmer

Apply a shimmer to your cheek bones, this is a simple yet elegant tip to make your face slimmer.
You can use a shimmer powder and apply it using a brush along the line of your cheekbones. This will define your cheeks and make your face look slim.


Use Highlighter Downwards

Another easy tip to make slim face is to apply highlighter, starting from the top of the face. Move the brush from top (between your brows) along the bridge of the nose to the top lip and down the centre of your chin. This makeup tip for slim face will draw attention away from your chubby cheeks to the centre of your face.


Use A Bronzer

To make your chin slimmer, apply bronzer to your jawline. Blend the bronzer well before applying else there will be noticeable stripes on your face. This is another best tip to slim the face for those who have fat chin and lower jaw.


Contour Your Forehead

Don't neglect your forehead as its grooming is also an important tip to make your face slim.
Apply some contour powder on the temples and along the hairline. This will make the angles of your bone structure more prominent.


Tip To Make Nose Thin

Apply some contour powder, two shades darker than your natural complexion on the sides of your nose. Start from the top of the nose to just before the nostrils. Now apply highlighter in a line down the centre of your nose.


Nude Or Natural Lips

It is best to apply a nude shade on your lips to make your face appear slim. Darker lip shades and predominant lips make your face look plump. You can also use a light shade lip gloss, lip balm so that all focus will be drawn on your eyes and not on your lips.

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Story first published: Monday, November 9, 2015, 14:22 [IST]
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