9 Tips To Look Slimmer And Attractive In Photos

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While posing for a photo, we all want to look more attractive, slim and beautiful than what we are in reality. This is a common notion for humans to see themselves beautiful in a picture, no matter how they look otherwise. The craziness for a picture is more when it has to be captured for a profile picture or has to be sent to the friends.

This article will help those of you who wants to look slim and attractive in a photo, mostly called photo freaks. Whether it is for selfies (that are gaining more prominence nowadays), wedding pictures, group pictures, or photo sessions, we always want to look outstanding and praiseworthy.

There are some body postures and tricks that you must follow while being photographed to look slimmer and attractive. These photo tricks are simple, yet prove to be the best. So, next time when you are being photographed, don't hide to avoid it, but be the first one to be clicked by applying these simple tips to look slim in a picture.

Scroll down to know the best ways to look slim and attractive in pictures.


Avoid Being Photographed From Below

Most people hold the camera below your knees to click your picture. This is a worst possible camera angle that can make you look fat and ugly. The best camera angle for a slim and attractive look is to place the camera a little above your knee level. If the person has to take a full picture, he/she can move a little far rather than placing the camera down.


Tip To Avoid Double Chin In A Picture

If you don't want to spoil your best profile picture for a social site with a double chin, follow this tip. Stretch up your neck and push your face slightly out to get rid of double chin. You can also smile and hold your tongue up to the roof of your mouth at the same time.


One Side Profile

Always know your best side profile, try with both right and left sides to click a good photo. Turning your body to one side can make you appear thinner than your usual self. Just take a slight turn either right or left to appear slim in pictures. This is one of the best tips to look slim in pictures.


Tummy In, Chest Out And Shoulders Back

Maintain a good posture in whatever style you are posing for a picture. Pull your shoulders back, push your chest outwards and gently pull your stomach in. However, don't over do it so that it looks like a forceful attempt.


Arms Away From The Body

Another tip to look slim in a picture is to hold out your arms slightly away from your body. This will prevent adding the size of your upper arms to your body. It can also define your body as well.


Avoid Being On The Front Of A Group Photo

If you want to look slim and attractive in a photo, be as far as possible. In a group photo, don't rush to the front or middle places. You must be knowing that the closest thing to the camera will appear to be the largest.


Cross Your Legs When Sitting Down

If you are being photographed while you are sitting, cross your legs. This can make your thighs and calves appear slimmer. However, to look more slim and attractive, opt for a standing photo. This is another effective trick to look slim in photos while sitting.


Wear A Single Colour

If you want to look slim and attractive in a picture, wear a single colour from head to toe preferably. You can wear a long dress of a single colour or a top with skirts in the same colour. This will make your image appear slimmer and longer in a picture.


Use Objects

You can make a full use of your belongings, or other objects around, to appear slim and attractive in a photo. You can use your hand bag to hide the tummy bulge and your jacket to hide the fat thighs. Also, wearing shades can make your face appear slimmer.

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