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5 Makeup Tricks That Men Can Use

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Beauty is not the sole forte of women. Men too have the right to look beautiful and well groomed. There was a time when men would scoff at the thought of doing a girlish thing like makeup. But times have changed and so have men. Now men want to be fair and they are not shy to buy fairness creams. The modern alpha-male goes for facials and waxes his chest hair. So why can't men do some makeup too?

Having said that, everything in a lady's makeup kit is not for men. Men have cosmetics specially made for them and there is a limited list of makeup articles they can choose from. Here are some makeup tricks that men can use.

7 Makeup Tricks That Men Can Use

Concealer: This is the most common kind of makeup for men. All the film and television stars use this cosmetic to hide the flaws in their skin. Concealer is good for covering up hollow cheeks and under eye circles. It also hides pockmarks on the face. Any of our superstars wouldn't look the same without this cosmetic for men.

Foundation: The purpose of this cosmetic for men is the same as concealer; to hide the flaws of the skin. However, it makes the complexion look smoother and the face brighter. In short, you look more photogenic with when your face has a makeup base.

Kohl: It is an ancient Indian tradition for men to darken their eyes with kohl. Most modern men would shriek at the idea of drawing their eyes. But believe me, it really doesn't look that bad. The liquid variety of kohl (called surma in India) lends an attractive intensity to your eyes.

Gold Dust: The shimmer and shine is a part of makeup for men just as it is part of makeup for women. The glossy sleek look that the stars sport is nothing but a thin film of gold dust. It evens out the makeup and makes you look glamorous.

Body Makeup: Men need body makeup even more than women do. Women are naturally curvaceous but men need a little help with the lines of their body. The beautifully chiselled chests that you see on screen are a result of some fine bronze shadow. Men also use foundation to accentuate the cuts in their muscles.

Makeup for men is thus a limited but still evolving field. Men do not shy away from makeup anymore and even your general perception towards cosmetic beauty is not so judgemental now. There is always scope for men to pull a few more tricks up their sleeve!

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