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Make Up Tips For Square Face Ladies

Like how every hair type can be styled differently, even make up depends on the face type. If your face has a broad forehead and a broad jaw line then it is a square face. Stars like Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson, Mandy Moore, Ashley Judd are a few popular square face celebs. To look as beautiful as they are, take a look at some square face make up tips.

Square Face Make Up Tips -

1. Foundation: As the width of your cheeks and forehead will equal, it is obvious that these areas look broader and for that the angle of application plays an important role. While applying, highlighting the areas which aren't very prominent such as around nose, under the eyes, chin and the centre of forehead helps.

2. Blush: While applying blush, it is best to choose light colors. Applying some on the chin will help in distracting the viewer from the prominent parts of the face. it is best to avoid shimmer on cheekbones.

3. Eyes: Using dark colored eye shadows from the inner point of the eyebrow contribute to the slender look. Highlighting the eye lids and eye shadows with a dark colored mascara will virtual lift to the face. Having fake eye lashes is also good idea.

4. Lips: Choose a bright colored lipstick. Use a lip pencil to outline and give a pointed shape to the lips and then blend well with the matching lip color. This helps in highlighting your chin giving it an illusive life to the face.

5. Neck: Choose spiral or "V" shaped jewelry. Hoops for the ears and angular accessories look cool and gel well with the face line. Avoid steads and small earrings.

6. Accessories: If you are looking out for eye wear or sunglasses, go for round and oval shapes that can lessen the width of cheekbones.

Square face ladies are lucky as they needn't have to make much compromises over looks. Some simple square face make up tips like these would give ideas for a quick makeover.


Be it round face or square face, make up is important as it contours the face, hides imperfect areas and make the face look even and youthful forever.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 16:22 [IST]
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