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Makeup Fat Face
December is the season of parties and it is important for every woman to look the best on floor. Many women complain about looking fat with makeup, specially the face part. The fat face look needs to be slimmed down and is possible through cosmetics and application. Today, we will discuss on how to do the best makeup for fat face. Take a look.

Makeup For Fat Face - Face Slimming Tips

With makeup, your hairstyle, accessories worn on neck and ears also matter. Long and straight hair, let loose, braids make your face look slimmer. Straight hair outline the face and define its shape even perfectly.

Accessories need to be simple. Long drops and neck piece with slim pendant will make your overall look very fashionable. Apart from these, here are some makeup ideas.

1. The best makeup for fat face is brightening the big eyes. The black eyes attracts at a glance and the rest of the face is hidden with the look. Paint your eye lids with a thick liner. The eye shadows complete the overall look. Even mascara can make the corner lashes (outer corner) more longer and thicker.

2. Eyebrows play an important role in slimming the fat face. The well groomed brows define face by turning the focus to centre. Darken your eyebrows with black eye shadow (if there isn't much hair). Some shimmer on the temple looks nice.

3. Giving a makeover to lips is also important. Plump lips makes your chin look small. Use a lip pencil to plump up your lower lip line and a gloss can jazz up the party look. Do not outline the upper lip.

4. It is important to show-off the beauty points of your face so enhance the angles by giving more colour to the cheek bones and brow bones. A regular blush can do the job by adding depth to the receding areas of face.

5. If you like to flaunt accessories on face, choose rings for nose than the studs. Piercing brows can define your brow line even better.

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Story first published: Friday, December 23, 2011, 11:26 [IST]
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