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Make-Up For Kids – 8 Easy Tips

By Nandhini Devi

Your child is a part of the dance troupe. This is a proud moment for you, as you'll sit in the audience and watch your child perform and display her talent. You prepare your child thoroughly, make her practice the dance moves and rehearse as much as possible so that she does not falter in her performance.

While a stage show is all about performance, dressing up the kids as per the role is also very necessary. It is always important to 'get into the skin' of the character, to do justice to the assigned role. Dressing up kids can be great fun. Have a look at a few tips that help apply make-up for kids. Remember that you are applying make-up for a kid. So, it should not make her look over-done.

Stage make-up for kids – 8 handy tips

1.Check the make-up products for expiry and do not borrow any from friends or relatives. If possible do a sample check of the product on her skin to check for any reactions. Pull back all the hair into a knot or a ponytail and 10 minutes prior to applying the actual make-up on the kid, apply an hypoallergenic facial moisturiser.

2.The basic foundation should be a couple of shades darker than the skin. Apply this with sponge (dipped in water and squeezed) all over the face, neck and even behind the ear.

3.Dust the face with powder. Remove excess powder with a large brush. This will avoid the skin from getting greasy.

4.If your child does not have a pronounced cheekbone, ask her to suck her mouth in. This highlights the cheekbone. Now apply a blusher below the line of the cheekbone, all the way up to the ear.

5.Choose an eye-shadow, which matches the colour of the attire, or if there is no specification, go for a brown shade. Apply starting with gentle, smooth strokes from the inside of the eye. Slowly move towards the edge. You can add a glittery eye shadow, just below the eyebrow to give a more highlighted appearance.

6.Line the eyes with a black or dark-blue shade of eye-liner. Use a dark kajal pencil to define the shape of the eye. This will make the eyes look big, bright and expressive.

7.Use a lip-liner to accentuate the edge of the lips. Next, use a red shade (not too dark) or pink colour to fill the lips. Use a tissue to blot the lips to prevent the lip colour from running or smearing.

8.Once the kid's hair styling is done, finish off with adding the right accessories such as ear-rings, necklace, hairbands etc.

Dressing up your kid can be less tedious if you follow the above make-up tips. It will not tire her and will keep the child happy before her performance and she'll do her best.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 11:30 [IST]
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