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How To Cover Up A Tattoo With Make-up?

Tattoos are cool. They look nice and trendy and most people love having tattoos. But what happens when you have to go for an interview or a formal function where you cannot possibly go with those tattoos? Well, you can always cover them up with make-up. But there's a catch! You have to do it perfectly.

Applying make-up to conceal the tattoo is probably the easiest way to hide the inked designs in your body! The tattoo gets hidden and makes the skin look clean. Isn't it great? There are many ways of hiding tattoos such as covering them with clothes or accessories, but what if the dress does not go with the occasion? This is when make-up comes to the rescue.

How To Cover Up A Tattoo With Make-up?

How To Cover Up A Tattoo With Make-up?

Materials Required

• Moisturizer

• Primer

• Colour corrector

• Concealer

• Foundation

• Setting powder

• Make-up brushes

How to do

• Start off by cleansing your skin with a gentle soap or a body wash, This helps to remove excess oil and dirt from your skin and make it softer and smoother. Once done, wipe it dry with a tissue or a soft towel.

• Next, move on to moisturising your skin. Apply a gentle and hydrating moisturiser on the area where you have the tattoo and massage it gently for about a minute. Massage in a circular motion. Once you notice that your moisturiser has absorbed into the skin, move on to using a primer.

• For this, you can use a pore-minimising primer. Pat it gently on the selected area and rub it for a few seconds.

• Next, use a colour corrector to get rid of discolouration and pigmentation on your skin. Some people might not know this fact that colour correctors are very efficient in hiding ink on the skin. You can take a little amount of colour corrector and dab it on the selected area using a small concealer brush and gently blend the edges to hide it perfectly.

• Now that you have already started off the process of hiding the tattoo, finish it off by concealing it completely. For that, use a full-coverage concealer and apply it on the tattoo. Ensure that you blend the edges with a fluffy brush to make it look smooth and polished.

• Next, move on to applying the foundation. Use a kabuki brush for that. Since you want to hide the tattoo away, you can use a full-coverage matte finish foundation. Blend it perfectly into your skin. The trick here is that one should know which foundation to pick up, especially the one that matches their skin tone. This will ensure that your foundation blends in seamlessly with your skin tone and does not look patchy. You can also use a make-up sponge to get rid of any harsh lines appearing while applying make-up.

• Once you have successfully applied concealer and foundation and blended it perfectly, it is time to seal it with a loose setting powder and finish off the task. For that, use a translucent loose setting powder and blend it into the make-up to keep it in place.

Do use these tips and tricks and make sure that you hide your tattoo perfectly without people noticing it!

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