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Beware Of Make Up Mistakes

By Suparna Chakaraborthy
The definition of make-up is different for each individual except for the one aspect that is that make up is to enhance one's beauty. Make up is an important part of our makeover specially at the time of celebration and special events. It makes you look beautiful by enhancing your beauty and hiding your flaws. Make up is an art which is a bit difficult to master. The last point though is not often agreed upon and thus, in a party you can point out several make up disasters. We all make them. Here are some common make up mistakes we all should avoid -

1.Foundation – The most common make up mistake is with the application of foundation. Usually everyone aims at looking fair and thus, end up using the wrong foundation colour, which stands out on the skin tone. The rule is to use a foundation colour which blends well with the skin colour. The next mistake with foundation is applying it more on the face. The rule is to apply it evenly throughout the face, neck and ears.

2.Eye Liner – The next common make up mistake is with the application of eye liner. Eye Liner is to emphasize the shape of your eyes and make them look big. Thus, most of us tend to extend the eye line through the corner of the eyes upwards. The rule is to first draw the line along with the shape and then stretched upwards. The next common mistake with eye liner is to draw a thick line. Remember the thinner the line the better. The thickness of the eye liner also depends on the complete eye make up.

3.Lip Liner – The third most common mistake is the faulty use of lip liner. Lips liners should always be smudged with the lipstick. If not smudged well, it stands out around the lips, thus, disfiguring the lip border and the lip liner should be of the same shade as the lipstick. The lip liner is used only to shape up your lips.

4.Cracked and Peeling Lips – People tend to apply lipstick directly on cracked and peeling lips, thinking that lipstick will hide the flaw but on the contrary, it might erupt lip infection and add on to the dryness of the lips. Thus, make sure you apply lip balm on the base of the lipstick.

These the top four most common make up mistakes which usually people make do get noticed. A bad make up needless to say spoils the overall makeover. Tell us more such make up mistakes you have noticed.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 15:41 [IST]
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