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12 Amazing Winter Hair Care Tips For Wavy And Curly Hair

Winters are just around the around. And as much as we love and relish the winter season, it is a harsh season for our hair, especially curly hair. Curly hair is not easy to manage. They turn frizzy and fuzzy pretty soon and doesn't seem to love the cold weather.

So, as this season arrives, you need to gear up. You regular hair care techniques, tips and trick won't work on this. You must be wondering how exactly do you manage curly hair during winter? Don't you worry, help is here. With these amazing tips, caring for your luscious curls would be a cake-walk.

Let's now look at what these tips are!

1. Give Your Hair Hot Oil Massage Regularly

A hot oil massage for the hair isn't something unheard of. In fact, we are sure all of our mothers have this solution multiple times. And we should pay heed. Giving your hair hot oil massage prior to head wash can do wonders for all of you with curly or wavy hair.

Just heat up some oil (coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil will work), massage it into your scalp and work it into the length of your hair. Leave it on for 30-60 minutes before washing your hair.

This helps deep condition your hair, make it soft and adds a protective layer to your hair so that shampooing and conditioning won't be too harsh on your hair. Furthermore, it makes detangling the hair a much easier task.

2. Add Steam In Your Hair Care Routine

Steaming is not only beneficial for your skin but your hair as well. Winters are really harsh on your hair, especially curly hair as it strips the moisture of the tresses. And steaming is a great way to add moisture to your hair.

If you don't want to specifically do it, you can make use of the time when you condition your hair in the shower and let the steam seep into your hair for a few minutes. But, while you do it, remember, water that is too hot is neither good for your hair or your skin. It will just dehydrate the hair instead of hydrating it. So, be mindful of the water temperature.

3. Condition Your Hair, Always!

Curly hair is difficult to manage, especially in winters as they a great tendency to lose moisture. So, it is important to condition the hair. It adds moisture to the hair and improves the hair texture as well.

After shampooing, keep the conditioner in your hair for 2-5 minutes depending on how tight curls you have. If you have tight curls, keep it for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

4. Use An Old T-shirt For Drying Your Hair

Towels can be harsh on your skin, especially during the winter season. It can lead to hair breakage and dehydration. And rubbing the wet haor vigourously with a towel isn't acceptable. The best alternative for that is using an old t-shirt for drying the hair. It isn't harsh on your hair and removes the excess water from your hair.

5. Try Leave-in Conditioners

Have you explored leave-in conditioners yet? If not, winters are the perfect time to give them a go. Leave-in conditioners work wonderfully for curly hair. Instead of rinsing it off like a regular conditioner, you leave these in your hair and go about your day. These deeply condition the hair and also lock the moisture in your hair.

6. Go A Little Heavy On Products

This time when you go shopping for your winter essentials, don't hesitate to pick some heavy-duty products for your hair. Curly hair gets quite dry during the winters, you can a go a bit overboard to balance that. Put on a little more conditioner than usual, try those flattering hair masks that you see on the aisle and use it on a regular basis.

7. Say Hello To Wide-toothed Comb

A fine-tooth comb isn't meant for those luscious curly tresses. Get a wide-toothed comb for your hair. A fine-toothed comb can lead to hair breakage and hair damage. A wide-toothed comb will be more gentle on your skin and making detangling the hair easier.

8. Protect Your Hair When You Are Out And About

This isn't just recommended for wavy or curly hair, but for all hair types. Even if it's winters, the sun can cause great damage to your hair. And then there is dirt and pollution. So, get a hat or a scarf and cover your hair when you are out and about and yo hair will thank you.

9. Balanced Diet Equals Happy Curls

What you eat has a huge impact on your hair. A balanced diet with the essential nutrients and minerals will give you healthy, bouncy and lustrous curls. So, include vitamin c and e rich food such as green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut on high-sugar and high-oil foods.

10. No Smoking Or Drinking, Please

Smoking and drinking aren't just bad for your health but your hair as well. Continuous and prolonged smoking and drinking can adversely affect the toxin-flushing system in your body and make your hair dull and damaged. It can also weaken the roots of your hair and then cause hair fall and hair damage.

11. Try Some Protective Hairstyles

We understand how tempting it can be to flaunt those curls, but it can damage your hair. Your curly hair is more prone to damage and leaving them open would be inviting the damage for your hair.

Go for some braids and bun hairdo that not enhance your look but also protect your hair at the same time.

12. Use A Silk Pillow

Winter season is a season that can strip the moisture of your hair (as mentioned multiple times above). And using a cotton pillow can add to that dehydrating effect. Being porous, curly hair is more prone to the loss of moisture. A cotton pillow soaks the moisture off your hair and leaves your hair frizzy. So, swap your regular cotton pillow cover with a silk pillow cover and you'll notice an evident difference.

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Story first published: Friday, September 27, 2019, 13:07 [IST]
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