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Why Won’t Your Hair Grow Past A Certain Length?

Who doesn't want beautiful long hair cascading down our back! But impeded hair growth can be a real bummer for our dreams. A lot of women have complained that their hair growth stops after a certain point. And no matter how many trims you go for or oiling you do, your hair just can't seem to grow past that point. We understand how disheartening it can be trying so many things and be stuck at the same hair length.

Maybe it is time to change your approach. To stimulate your hair growth, you might want to deeper and find the exact reason behind this issue. Once you know the root cause of your problem you can take the required steps and solve the issue. Continue reading to know what might be causing stunted hair growth.


Split Ends

"Getting frequent trims aid hair growth". How many times have you heard this advice? We bet many times. Well, it's a piece of great advice once you understand the logic behind it. Split ends are one of the major reasons for stunted hair growth. The tell-all sign of hair damage, split ends effectively stops the hair growth. It can be the reason for your hair not growing past a certain length. Check your hair for split ends. Regular trimming the hair is the best way to treat split ends and boost hair growth. Trim your hair every six to eight weeks to see results.


Excessive Use Of Heat Styling Products

Heat styling products have made our lives easier. They make our hair look good and manageable. And then we start using these every day without taking proper measures to combat the damage they do to our hair and this results in impeded hair growth. Limit the use of heat styling products. And whenever you do use them, make sure that you apply a heat protectant before using them and take the necessary measures to maintain your hair health.


Chemical Build Up On Your Scalp

If you think your scalp health does not count when it comes to hair growth, you are so wrong. The hair grows from the scalp and for healthy hair growth, it is important for the scalp to be clean and healthy. The innumerable products we use, however, might be adding chemical build up on your scalp and that hampers your hair growth. From the shampoos to the serums and hair creams, every hair product is infused with chemicals. Avoid using too many hair products and go au natural if you can.



There are certain things you can not beat and your genetics is one of them. Have you noticed your mother or any of your elders having the same issue that you face? Well, there is a high chance that the issue is genetic. Our hair has a certain cycle of growth and thanks to your genetics the hair length you have is the maximum length that you can achieve. After that certain length, all you can do is style them in different ways.


Your Diet Is Insufficient

Your diet plays a major role in determining the length and quality of your hair. For long, thick and lustrous hair, you need a diet rich in vitamins, proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals such as zinc, iron and iodine. Lack of a nutritious diet is largely the reason for your stunted hair growth. And if you want to fix the issue, you might want to fix your diet first.

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Exorbitant Hair Breakage

It is natural for us to experience a little bit of hair fall every day. Experts say that it is normal to lose up to 100 hair per day. More than that and it becomes an issue. That means you hair can endure a small amount of damage as its rejuvenating capacity is more than that. But if you experience extensive hair breakage and damage, at a rate more than you hair revives, it causes our hair growth to stop. So, take measures to combat the issue of hair breakage.


Bad Hair Care Routine

You can not expect to have a healthy hair growth if you do not follow a set hair care routine. With all the dirt and pollution around us, our hair is exposed to a lot of bad stuff that affects our scalp and hair health and stops your hair growth. Protecting your hair and nourishing it at the same time makes for a great hair care routine. Find the hair care routine and the products that your hair loves and stick to it. As we age, our hair needs more and more external help to maintain its optimal health.

To Conclude...

We know stunted hair growth can be frustrating but if you do not do anything about it, the cycle will never break. It might take time for your hair to grow past that point but we assure you it will happen. If you have already figured out why you are experiencing this issue, take all the measures you can to tackle it and embark on the journey of beautiful and long hair.