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How To Perfectly Curl Your Hair Using A Flat Iron

Curls have their own charm and they make a statement like no other. We would love to curl our hair every single day, but it seems like a task to curl the hair and then to manage and hold the curls in place. Many of us don't even have curling wands at our places and mostly resort to parlours to get our hair curled for special occasions.

But what if we tell you a falt iron is all that you need to get those perfect luscious waves? Yep, that's right! You just need your regular straightener to curl your hair and look your absolute best. How to exactly do that, you might ask. Well, here is a step-by-step guide on how to curl your hair in perfect loose waves using a flat iron. Take a look.

How To Curl Your Hair Using Flat Iron

1. Apply some hair products to get some grip

Do you have those silky and smooth tresses that just won't hold a curl? Well, in that case, you need some hair products to provide some grip to your hair and ensure that the curl lasts for a longer time. The best product to add that grip would be dry shampoo. So, spray some dry shampoo on your tresses and see the magic.

Also, it is important to protect your tresses from the heat. So, apply some heat protecting spray before you start using the flat iron.

2. Take about an inch section of your hair

You might have tried curling your hair using a flat iron and failed. If you are wondering what can be the reason for that, it might be that you took too big a chunk of hair. So, this time when you curl your hair, take about an inch section of your hair to get that perfect curl.

3. Twirl and pull

Now that you have the section of hair, take it in-between the clamps of the flat iron. To curl your hair the action you need to follow is twirl and pull. Twirl the straightner to form the curl and then pull it at once for that bounce. Ensure that your hair is properly wrapped around the barrel of flat iron as you pull it down and you will never miss a curl again.

4. Use your hands to perfect the curl

This is very important. Many a time you will notice that curl is a little bit deformed. Don't be disheartened by that. A simple trick to correct this mistake is to use your hands to twirl the curl back in place and give it a perfect form. This helps as the hair is still hot just out of the flat iron and this gives you a few second window to mould the curl to perfection.

5. Apply hair spray to hold the curl in place

This last step will ensure that your curls will stay the whole day. After your hair has cooled down, run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and spray some hair spray all over your hair and there you have it- the perfect curls.

Tips You Need To Know While Using A Flat Iron To Curl Your Hair

There are some tips and hacks that will help you get the curls that you so desire without much fuss. Let's look at these tips.

  • Bend your wrists as you twirl the flat iron. Don't keep it stiff. This makes the task easier.
  • If you don't have much time, a quick way to get the stunning beach waves is to weave your hair in small tight braids and then using flat iron over it. Open the hair after a few seconds and you have amazing beach waves.
  • Section your hair in 4 smaller sections and work section-by-section to curl the hair.
  • If you are curling your hair for the next day, roll the curls and pin them in some loose curls at the top of your head. Let them loose in the morning and your curls are ready to roll.
Story first published: Thursday, October 10, 2019, 12:26 [IST]