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How To Blow Dry Curly Hair The Professional Way

Managing curly hair is no joke. They get fussy, frizzy and out of hands (literally!). We dread styling them and more than that we dread washing them. With each wash, they seem to lose their lustre. And the process of blow drying seems to make it even flatter. Well, not when you do it right!

No matter how difficult they are, we wouldn't trade it for anything else. And so, today we share the right way to blow dry your curly hair so as not to lose the volume and texture of those pretty curls. Here we go!

Squeeze Out The Excess Water

To dry your hair super efficiently, you need to have a good start. By that we mean, wash and dry your hair the right way. When it comes to drying the hair, we make a huge mistake of rubbing the hair vigourously using the towel. Your frizz-prone curly hair will become even more difficult to manage with the rubbing and tugging. Use the towel or better an old t-short to squeeze out the excess water. Let your hair air dry or blow dry your hair.

How To Wash Curly Hair To Keep Them Beautiful And Bouncy

Apply The Curl Cream And Heat Protectant

You know how difficult it is to retain the shape of your curls. And curl cream helps to maintain the bounce of your curls. Apply the curl cream on the ends of your curls and scrunch up the curls a bit. Apply some heat protectant on your hair to protect it from the heat applied from the dryer.

Use A Diffuser Dryer

To blow dry your curly hair, you need a diffuser dryer. A diffuser dryer is one that has a circular end rather than a pointed end as is the case with your normal dryer. If you do not have the diffuser dryer, you can customise your normal hair dryer by adding any circular extension at the end of your normal dryer. A diffuser dryer helps to diffuse the heat and not make it direct. And why won't you want to provide direct heat to your curls? Direct heat can make your curly hair frizzy and dry.

Use the diffuser to start drying your hair from the ends.

Enjoy Tangle-Free Curly Hair With These Smart Hacks

Work In Sections

You know how difficult it is to manage curly hair. More so when you are trying to style or blow dry the hair. The best way to work with curly hair is to section it. Section the hair in four sections and start blow drying it. Use hair clippers or hair ties to hold the other sections in place. But do not tug on the hair too much. Remember, wet hair is more prone to breakage.

Flip The Hair

Now that you have worked on each section of the hair, flip your hair in front of the face and blow dry it once again. This helps to dry the hair at the back and also gives you more defined curls.

Scrunch Up The Curls

To end your blow drying session, use your hands to scrunch up your curls. This is very important. This adds bounce and texture to your hair.

There you have it! This is the simplest and the most efficient way to blow dry your curls without making them look flat. Try this method and tell us how you liked it.