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Are You Making These Hair Oiling Mistakes?

What a bliss getting a champi is! Oiling your hair is considered to be one of the best hair care treatments. Acing the list of 'Nani ke nushkhe', hair oiling can sprinkle life back to your dull, dry and damaged tresses. It adds shine, strength and health to your hair and takes you a step closer to the dream of having long and luscious hair.

With all the rave about hair oiling, we pretty much know all it can do for the hair health. We bet you never gave hair oiling much thought. But, to get all these amazing benefits of hair oiling, you must do it correctly. Yep, it's not just about applying hair on your tresses. If you have always wondered why hair oiling doesn't work for you as it does for others, it's because you are not doing it the right way.

So, here's is a list of common hair oil mistakes that are preventing you from unlocking the hair of your dreams. Take a look!

Not Heating The Oil

Have you been using cold oil for your head massages? This is a mistake you need to stop making immediately. Cold oil has a thick consistency. When the oil is warm, it becomes thinner and is able to penetrate deep and quick into your scalp. This helps your scalp and hair follicles to absorb the goodness of the oil at a faster rate and show faster results. Bur, make sure that the oil is just lukewarm. You don't want it too hot to burn your scalp.

Doing It Without A Head Massage

Oiling your hair is incomplete without a relaxing head massage. In fact, we believe the massage part of it makes a champi, champi. While the hair oil is replete with nutrients that your hair needs, massaging the scalp in circular motions boosts the blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles to promote hair growth. So, give a good 3-5 minutes massage to your hair.

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But, Don't Overdo The Massage

While we are on the topic of head massage, a big mistake we make is massaging the scalp for too long. Sure, a good and relaxing champi sounds like heaven. But, overdoing it isn't going to help. Massaging your hair for long tugs on your roots, weakens your strands and can cause tangles in your hair, all of which eventually lead to hair fall and hair breakage. So, keep your massaging session anywhere between 5-10 minutes.

Washing It Off Quickly

How long do you let the oil sit before washing it off? Washing it off in a few minutes defeats the purpose of oiling your hair. The hair oil has a naturally thick consistency and it takes time for your hair to soak in the nutrients and goodness of the oil. So, you must keep the oil on for at least an hour before washing it off for it to show some amazing results.

Combing The Hair Afterwards

One of the most common hair oiling mistakes is combing your hair afterwards. When oiled, your hair is weaker at the roots. So, combing the hair puts pressure on the hair follicles that can lead to hair fall and hair breakage. Besides, trying to untangle your freshly oiled hair is another reason for your extreme hair fall.

So, ensure that you never comb your hair after oiling. Use your fingers to brush through your hair, tie a loose braid or leave your hair open. Make sure you don't tie your hair too tight.

Applying Too Much Oil

Too much of anything is bad. This rule also applies when you are oiling your hair. If you apply too much hair, it will make your scalp overly greasy, block your hair follicles and cause hair issues such as dandruff. Also, the more oil you use, the more shampoo you would need to get it off. Loading your scalp with chemically-infused shampoo strips the natural oil of your scalp and results in dry and damaged tresses.

Use the hair oil in a moderate amount suitable for your hair length and thickness.

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Leaving The Oil Overnight

If you leave the oil overnight, you are making a mistake. Many hair experts suggest you against this habit of keeping the oil overnight. When you leave the oil in your tresses overnight, it attracts dirt and grime that can block the hair follicles and cause various hair issues, including hair fall and dandruff. So, don't leave the oil on for more than two hours.

Story first published: Monday, October 26, 2020, 11:16 [IST]