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Hair Hacks To Bring Life Back To Your Dry Tresses

Dry hair needs a lot of care, attention and love. With dry hair, many things can go wrong. Constant exposure to heat, sun, dirt and chemically-infused products coupled with lack of proper care leaves the dry hair damaged and lifeless, especially the ends. Over time, you reach a point of no return with the only viable option left is to chop off the damaged hair.

Hold on! If you feel your hair is reaching that point and have been extremely dull, damaged and brittle, you can still save them. How you ask? Well, we have compiled some amazing hair hack to bring life back to your dry and damaged tresses. Let's dive in!


1. Switch To Leave-In Conditioner

Conditioner is dry hair's best friend. Without proper moisture, your hair starts to become dull and brittle. Conditioner helps to lock the moisture in your hair. That means conditioner is a life-saver for your dry hair. Unfortunately, If you have extremely dry hair, sometimes the regular conditioner isn't enough.

Switch to a leave-in conditioner. These are used after the hair wash and is not to be rinsed off. The amount of hydration the leave-in conditioner adds to your hair is much more than your regular conditioner. This results in smooth and beautiful hair.

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2. Do Not Comb Wet Hair

If it's a normal thing for you to comb your wet hair, you need to stop immediately. When the hair is wet, the hair roots are weak and therefore more prone to damage. The damage is even more with your dry tresses. When you comb the wet hair, you tug on the hair roots which eventually leads to hair damage and hair fall.

If you want smooth and healthy hair, let your hair completely air-dry before brushing them.


3. Do Not Over Wash Your Hair

How often do your wash your hair? Washing your hair every day is not acceptable no matter your hair type or texture. Excessive shampooing strips the natural oil of your scalp. This results in dry and brittle hair. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week with a gap of at least 2 days in between. To keep your hair looking fresh for the days you don't wash your hair, use a dry shampoo.


4. Avoid Using Hot Water

No matter how relaxing a hot shower is, it is a big no-no in the hair universe. Hot water strips your hair of the natural oil, leaving it dry and lifeless. This invites a whole lot of other hair problems. Always use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair and your hair will thank you.


5. Use The Blow Dryer On Cold Air Settings

It is best to let you hair air dry. But, sometimes we can't just help it. Whether you are getting late for work or you don't have the patience for your hair to dry on its own, we have a hack for cushioning the damage done by the hairdryer. If you have to use a dryer, use the cold air settings. It works great and you won't be damaging your hair.

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6. Sleep On A Silk Pillow Cover

You won't believe the change you can notice in your hair just by changing your pillowcase. A cotton pillow soaks up the moisture from your tresses and the friction caused when you move around at night can lead to hair damage and breakage. To prevent that, switch your cotton pillow cover with a silk pillow cover. Using a silk pillow cover has many advantages. It won't suck up the moisture or tug on your hair. It also prevents static hair. With a silk pillow cover, your hair will start to feel hydrated and healthy again.


7. Trim The Damaged Portion

If your hair is dry and prone to damage, it is best to get it trimmed at regular intervals. It is usually the ends that are most damaged. Chopping off the ends will make your hair look healthy instantly. A regular trim will ensure that you do not lose length and also keep your hair healthy.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 14:47 [IST]