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Sonam Kapoor's Sleek Side-swept Bun Makes For A Perfect Office Wear Hairstyle

When it comes to hairstyle and make-up, there are a few actors that can really bring in the expertise, and one of the them is Sonam Kapoor. Sonam, known for her versatile fashion and hairstyle choices, recently made an appearance at the 29th annual Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Switzerland.

At the event, Sonam kept her look simple with a sleek side-swept bun that went well with her nude make-up. Sonam truly looked elegant as she paired the hairdo and make-up with a formal mauve pink pant suit by Calvin Klein. The main highlight of her look was her messy yet elegant hairdo which she carried off perfectly.

Sonam's recent look is perfect for office-going women. It depicts elegance, style, as well as modesty. If you too are looking for a perfect look for your office, here's some help -- straight from Sonam's collection of trendy looks.

Here, at Boldsky, we have decoded Sonam Kapoor's look for you.

How To Do Sonam Kapoor's Sleek Side-swept Hairstyle?

  • Start off by washing your hair and conditioning it properly. Once done, blow dry your hair if you are in a hurry. If not, simply allow your hair to air dry.
  • Once you hair is completely dry, apply a frizz-free serum and brush your mane with a round brush.
  • Divide your hair into smaller sections and use a shine spray on each section carefully.
  • Now, make a side partition and take all your hair to one side - according to your preference - and tie it into a tight low ponytail.
  • Secure it with bobby pins too for extra safety.
  • If you want to get that finished look, you can use a hair setting spray to get rid of any flyaways and to keep your hair in place. But, if you want to re-create Sonam Kapoor's exact look, you can simply keep it the way it is to get a little messy look from the front. In fact, you can leave a strand or two on both the sides on the front and then later curl it using a curling iron.
  • Now, take all the hair from the ponytail and tie it up into a low side bun. One thing to remember here is that while making the bun, you need to make it look puffy at the crown. For that, you can some hair from the crown and comb it backwards to give it a messy and puffy look.
  • Do not use a comb while making the bun in order to keep it messy. Finish it up by using a hair setting spray to keep the bun in place and move on to your make-up.

How To Do Sonam Kapoor's Nude Make-up?

To begin with, one must always remember that it is important to prep their face before applying any kind of make-up - even if you are simply applying face powder. So, start off by washing your face with clean water. You can even use a face wash. Listed below is a step-by-step breakup of Sonam's make-up look:

  • To re-create Sonam Kapoor's make-up look, start off by washing your face with a hydrating and oil-free face wash. Once done, pat your face dry.
  • Next, apply a hydrating moisturiser so that it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day and will also protect it from sun damage.
  • Once you have properly moisturised your face, you can apply a concealer. Remember that the job of a concealer is to hide dark spots, acne, dark circles, and blemishes. Therefore, use it only where it is required. Using too much concealer can make your face look cakey, and you definitely do not want that, right?
  • Once you are done with the concealer, apply a lightweight hydrating matte foundation. You can choose a liquid foundation too. Remember that you should apply a thin coat and should not overdo it as it will make your face look cakey.
  • You can even skip the foundation if it is not necessary. Skipping the foundation will also help to give your face that perfect nude look.
  • After the foundation, use a contour powder and with the help of a contour brush, define your jawline, your cheekbones, and your temples.
  • Next, move on to your eyebrows. Define your eyebrows with the help of a brow pencil.
  • Apply thin eyeliner and keep it simple.
  • Move on to your eyelashes. Since you are re-creating Sonam Kapoor's nude make-up, using false lashes will not help. Therefore, you can simply use a single coat of mascara and finish off your eye make-up.
  • Lastly, use a nude pink coloured lip gloss or a lipstick and finish off your make-up look.
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