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    How To Treat Hair Loss With Tea Tree Oil

    By Tanya Ruia

    Tea tree oil is an essential oil which has antiseptic and medicinal properties. It is widely used to treat skin problems, nail problems, wounds, etc. But it is majorly used for the treatment of hair problems like hair fall, hair frizziness, scalp infections, dandruff, dryness of the hair, etc.

    Tea tree oil, as major as it sounds, is very easy to buy from any medical store, fancy store or any health food store. It is easily available these days in all the medical stores as it is a great antiseptic.

    Treat Hair Loss With Tea Tree Oil

    But, do you know how to make the most of tea tree oil? Most of us think it is too complicated to use tea tree oil as the product sounds to be very expensive and not very easily available.
    But these tea tree homemade hair masks will make your work a lot easier and cheaper to solve the issue of hair loss.

    DIY Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

    Tea tree oil shampoos are too expensive that you find in big brands and showrooms. Also, they contain a lot of chemicals which do not guarantee an appropriate solution. But this homemade tea tree oil shampoo will give you effective results after regular use.

    2 cups of unscented, nude shampoo (350-400 ml)
    2 tbsp of tea tree oil (30-40 ml)
    1 tbsp of any other scented oil; mint oil or coconut oil is recommended (15-20 ml)
    1 clean and transparent bottle to store the shampoo

    How to prepare:

    In a bowl, combine the shampoo, tea tree oil and your choice of oil well and mix them thoroughly till the shampoo mixes well with oil.
    Pour the shampoo in a bottle and shake it well.
    Apply it on your hair thoroughly like normal shampoo.
    Massage your hair and specially scalp for a few minutes.
    Leave the shampoo on the hair for 7-10 mins so that it gets all the nourishment from tea tree oil.
    Now rinse it off gently with lukewarm or cold water.
    Use it like a normal shampoo regularly and you can already feel the difference.

    This shampoo works best for people who are fed up of continuous hair loss and dryness of the hair.

    Hair Mask For Dry Hair

    This is the easiest hair mask that can give you gorgeous and lively hair within a few regular uses. It acts like a nourishing oil as well as a hair mask.


    • ½ cup normal drinking water (150 ml)
    • 3-4 tbsp of tea tree oil (40-50 ml)
    • 1 transparent spray bottle to store and use the oil easily

    How to prepare:

    • Put the water in the spray bottle.
    • Pour the tea tree oil into it and shake well till the water and tea tree oil gel with each other.
    • Make partitions and start spraying the mixture over the scalp and hair strands. Use a comb and fingers for better convenience. Apply it thoroughly all over the scalp and hair until it is wet.
    • Slightly keep massaging the scalp and the hair so that all the nutrition is retained.
    • If you are using it as a hair mask, you can leave the mixture on your head for 30-40 mins and then wash it off with shampoo.
    • But, if you wish to use it as a nourishing oil, then leave it on the hair for at least 12-14 hours.
    • This works the best for dry hair.
    • You can store it and keep it in a cool place but do not forget to shake it before use because it is a mixture of oil and water.

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    Hair Mask For Hair Loss

    Baking soda is one of the ingredients present in your kitchen that not only makes baking easy but acts amazingly well as an anti-inflammatory ingredient for the skin. It is known for antibacterial and antifungal properties that kill the bacteria and other germs that may cause infection to the skin. It soothes the scalp by killing the microbes and makes the scalp feel fresh.


    • 2-3 tbsp of baking soda (30-35 gm)
    • 4-5 tbsp of tea tree oil (60-65 ml)
    • 2 tbsp of honey (15-20 ml)
    • ⅓ cup of water (40-50 ml)

    How to prepare:

    • Take a bowl and mix the above ingredients well. Keep on blending till all the items are completely mixed because again it is water and oil combination. It will form a thick paste.
    • Start making partitions on your head and apply the mask thoroughly on the entire scalp and all the strands.
    • While applying keep on massaging the scalp gently. Massage the entire head for 8-10 mins but majorly on the scalp.
    • Keep it on the head for 30-45 mins and rinse it off thoroughly with a mild and gentle shampoo.

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    Story first published: Sunday, July 22, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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