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How To Get Priyanka Chopra's Wavy Hairstyle?

Priyanka Chopra manages to slay every single time she makes an appearance. Her make-up and hairstyle are something we all should take lessons from. She's seen mostly in her natural wavy and carefree hair that makes her look very appealing.

So what if we tell you that even you can get her hairstyle without spending a penny and spending hours at salons? You can get the similar hair at home just with a blow-drier, rollers and a round brush. Doesn't that sound easy and awesome?

This hairstyle can be tried on hair of any length - short, medium or long. However, this is best suited to those with medium hair. Also if you already have a wavy hair then this hairstyle makes it more perfect.

Follow the simple 4 steps mentioned below clearly to get the desired results. Now let us see what the steps are and how to do it.


Step 1: Wash Your Hair

No hairstyle can be done on unwashed and greasy hair. So before experimenting anything with your hair make sure that it is properly washed. Wash your hair with a mild sulfate-free shampoo and then apply conditioner. When you wash your hair remember to wash it with cold water. Later apply some serum or heat protectant cream. This will protect the hair from damage caused due to heat.

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Step 2: Parting Your Hair

Take a tail comb and start parting your hair in the centre. Next, divide your hair into four sections in such a way that two sections are in front and the other two sections are at the back. Comb these sections well so that there are no tangles. Tie each section with a rubber band. You can use a wide-toothed brush to comb your hair. Be gentle while you comb your hair to avoid hair fall.

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Step 3: Blow-dry

The next step is blow-drying. Remember how great your hair looks when your stylist blow-dries the hair in salons? Now you too can get that easily at home.

Untie each section and blow dry your hair using a round brush in one hand and blow-drier in another. Keep the brush close to the roots of the hair and blow-dry it. Also, keep twisting the brush to get a wavy effect. Repeat this in each section of the hair.


Step 4: Use A Roller

First, roll small sections of your hair with a round brush for a few seconds. Once your hair is dry, use the rollers to roll your hair. Secure it in the right place. Repeat this for other sections of the hair. Leave the rollers on for 15-20 minutes. Take it off and finally set your hair with a hairspray. This will tame all the flyaways so that your hairstyle doesn't become messy.

And there you go, Priyanka's hairstyle is yours now.