Follow These Showering Tips For Healthy Hair

By Amrutha

Showering is one of the important daily routine that we all practice. A good shower not only helps in remaining fresh physically but also plays an important role in relaxing our minds. But have you ever thought that some practices that we follow while washing our hair can damage it even more?

So, it is better to keep some points or tips in mind, the next time you wash your hair in order to have a damage-free healthy hair.

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How to apply a conditioner? How often should you wash your hair? These are some questions all of us generally have on our minds. But are there really some tips to be followed while washing our hair?

Well, the answer is definitely a yes. And if you are not aware of it by this time, do not worry. This article will give you a complete guide on certain tips on how to take care of your hair while washing it.

So, the next time you take a bath, keep these points in mind, so that you do not go wrong anywhere.

Here are some bathing tips you can follow, so that you do not make any mistake the next time. Read on!

Do Not Use Hot Water

Washing your hair with hot water, especially in the last steps of washing your shampoo off, would wash off the natural oils produced by the scalp. This will make your hair more dull and rough. Always make it a point to wash your hair after shampooing and conditioning. Cold water helps in sealing the moisture of your scalp, which will maintain the texture of your hair.

Rinse Your Hair

Before shampooing your hair, it is always better to rinse your hair with water once. Apply the shampoo only on dampened hair. For this step, you can also use lukewarm water. This will help in keeping the skin of the scalp moisturized and hydrated, which will prevent breakage of hair.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

Yes, it's a myth that washing your hair every day would make your hair cleaner and healthier. But it's a misinterpretation. Washing your hair does make your hair cleaner but not every day. In fact, washing your hair every day will lead to make your scalp turn more oily. So, it's better to wash it thrice a week maximum for attaining healthy tresses.

Remember Not To Dry Off Vigorously

The habit of drying off with the towel vigorously, right after bathing, can cause damage to the hair. This leads to make our hair more dry, since the towel used is also dry. Gently remove excess water from your hair, using a soft towel, so that it is not harsh on the scalp and hair.

Standing In The Shower For Too Long

Standing under the shower for too long is something that all of us love. After a long tiring day, bathing gives us relaxation for both the mind and body. But according to certain experts, there's a high chance of serious health issues that can take place and also cause damage to your hair if you stand under the shower for more than 10 minutes. Even though it is tempting enough to stand under the shower for long, make sure that you refrain from it from now onwards.

Do Not Apply Conditioner On The Scalp

This might be something you must have been hearing from everyone. Yes, that's exactly right! Using conditioner on the scalp might clog the pores of your scalp, which will form build-ups. This might increase the chances of vigorous hair fall. So, the next time you apply a conditioner, make sure that you do it the right way.


Detangling is as important as washing your hair. Combing your hair right after the shower may end up in you facing extreme hair loss. This is because wet hair is more prone to breakage. Before detangling your hair, make sure that your hair is at least half dry. Also, always remember to comb with a brush that has wide teeth. If you use roller brush to comb your hair, it would even more lead to hair loss.

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Avoid Using A Blow Dryer

We are always in a hurry every morning when we rush to the office/college. As a result, we tend to use a blow dryer to dry our hair. But did you know how much damage it can cause? It can make the hair turn even more frizzy and dry. Try to avoid using a blow dryer. If at all it is necessary, make sure that you use it in a cooling mode.

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    Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2018, 17:04 [IST]
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