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    Get Shiny, Silky And Smooth Hair With These Best Oil Concoctions

    By Riddhi Roy
    Hair Oil Mixture for Long Hair: तेल में मिलाऐं ये चीज़ें, लंबें होंगे बाल | Boldsky

    Oiling your hair is something that generations of Indian women have believed in. Every time you are having a bad hair day and your grandmother suggests oiling your hair, she knows what she was talking about.

    We will be telling you about some of the best kinds of oils and what you can add to them to use for your hair. Oiling is really beneficial for the hair. It conditions your hair and even reduces frizz on the hair. Massaging your scalp with any warm oil will help improve blood circulation on the scalp and in turn promote hair growth.

    hair care tips

    Hair oils within themselves are really good for all types of hair, be it oily hair or dry hair, but if you add some more ingredients to them, they can act as targeted treatments for a host of hair problems, like hair fall and dandruff.

    The best part is that hair oils are so easy to use and are not even expensive. So, here are some of the best hair oil mixes you can use, for an overall amazing hair.

    1. Coconut & Neem: For this, you can either boil some neem leaves in coconut oil, then strain the leaves out before they start to brown, or you can add neem oil to your coconut oil. Massage this oil into your scalp when it reaches room temperature. Neem is a disinfectant and will rid you of any underlying scalp infections. This will help stop your hair fall.

    2. Olive Oil & Lemon Juice: Olive oil is a very thick oil that is really good for hair that is acting frizzy. Add lemon juice to olive oil to give your hair a deep cleanse. Lemon juice helps balance the pH level of the scalp and cleanses the scalp of any product build up. Along with this, it will help you get rid of scalp odour. Do this any time you feel like your scalp is smelling funky, despite you shampooing your hair often.

    3. Lavender & Coconut Oil: Just add a few drops of lavender essential oil to extra-virgin coconut oil for this, and then massage it into your scalp. This concoction will help reduce hair fall. Another amazing benefit of this is that the aroma of lavender is very good for people who are suffering from stress. If you apply lavender essential oil mixed into coconut oil on your scalp, you will actually feel your stress lift away and feel much more relaxed. So, any time you feel like you are having a headache due to stress, you know what to do.

    4. Castor Oil & Coconut Oil: Castor oil is a little too thick to be used on its own, and that is why we prefer to dilute it a little bit. We have noticed that if used without diluting, the hair remains greasy long after we have washed it. Castor oil is really good for people who are trying to grow their hair faster. This will also make your hair thicker, that is have more volume. Use these oils mixed together once every week and you will see a difference in your hair growth within a month.

    5. Olive Oil & Egg: This treatment is best for people who have dry, rough hair. Olive oil has a high content of vitamin E, which is very good for softening the hair strands. Egg has proteins that are needed by the hair to make it soft and smooth. The olive oil will moisturise your hair, while the egg will make your hair smoother and stronger. For this, all you need to do is mix in one egg with two teaspoons of olive oil. Mix this well till the liquid is smooth and then apply this all over your hair. If your hair is especially dry at the ends, apply more of it towards the ends of your hair. Tie up your hair in a bun and put on a shower cap to avoid making a mess, and leave it on for twenty minutes. Next, shampoo your hair. Be sure to use cool water, otherwise the egg can cook in your hair. You can do this once every week, and you can even add a few drops of any essential oil if the smell of eggs bothers you.

    6. Coconut Oil And Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is really good for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is used most often as an acne treatment, as it will kill the bacteria that cause the acne and will make the acne disappear. The same is true if you are suffering from scalp acne. Just add a few drops of tea tree oil to your coconut oil and massage it on your scalp. Leave this overnight to wake up to scalp acne that has dried up a good amount. This treatment is even good for people suffering from dandruff.

    So, we hope you try making these oil concoctions and that they solve all your hair problems. Keep following Boldsky for more such updates!

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2018, 11:00 [IST]
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