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    3 Easy Hacks To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair

    By Amruta
    3 Easy Hacks To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair | Boldsky

    Greasy or oily hair can be a real problem for many. Not everybody is gifted with beautiful hair and scalp. But then, like every other thing, there is a solution to this problem as well. And, what is that? Well, sometimes, a simple homemade hack too can be of great help!

    All you need is to know what these hacks are. And, today at Boldsky, we will show you three awesome homemade hacks for getting rid of greasy hair. Read on to know what these hacks are.

    Greasy Hair

    First of all, it is very important to understand one's hair care routine to get to the root of the problem. How do people oil their hair, what are their shampooing techniques, how do they apply the conditioner and for how long and how do they wash their hair...what do they do next?

    How do they dry their hair? Do they tie their hair immediately after washing it? All these questions are very important to understand first, as these things contribute towards preventing greasy and oily scalp. Therefore, one first needs to understand the basic techniques of hair care and then will they actually know the real remedy for greasy hair.

    Before we begin with how...what...when...and why...let's just understand what does one mean by greasy hair?

    Greasy hair is basically oil saturated on one's scalp, making their hair look oily and damp. But one has to remember that this is just a condition and it can easily be reversed at home by using simple home hacks. And what are they? on to find out.

    Today, we would like to discuss three easy-to-do hacks for getting rid of greasy hair.

    Method 1: Baby Powder Is The Key

    Sprinkling baby powder on your hands and then running it all through your hair, paying special attention to the roots, the jawline and underneath, will make it instantly look and smell fresher. It will soak up the grease and make it look newly washed.

    You can see the magic!

    Method 2: Blotting Paper Or Tissue Paper Is What You Need

    Use wet hand tissues to wipe your scalp. These tissues help clean the sebum (the substance which is responsible for making the scalp greasy)and dirt from your scalp. You can even use a normal tissue, just rub your scalp gently with the tissue, making partitions in your hair!
    You can feel the dry scalp!

    Method 3: Sanitizer Is The Best Choice

    Just as hand sanitizer cleanses your hands without water, so will it do to your hair. Massage a small amount lightly into the roots of your hair and the alcohol in the sanitizer will break down the oils and make your hair look fresher. That's it!

    So, now that you are well aware of these simple yet amazing instant hacks for getting rid of greasy scalp and hair, we are sure you would not let your hair stay oily and keep it healthy and nourished all the time. Always remember that hair is the most beautiful thing a woman can flaunt. And, therefore, it is extremely important to take a good care of your hair - keep it strong, shiny, and healthy.

    Do subscribe to Boldsky for more such fun tips, tricks, and hacks on hair care, skin care, and body care and do let us know in the comments section below if you liked these hacks. Also, do try these at home and you will surely notice the difference!

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    Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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