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Must Follow Tips For Straightening Curly Hair

By Somya Ojha

Women with curly hair are well aware of the trials and tribulations of using a flat iron.

Yet, countless women carry out the daunting task of straightening brush-breaking tresses because straight hair looks incredible no matter what.

If you too are one of them, then do read on, as today's post will let you know about certain ways that can make your hair-strengthening session a hassle-free one.

In the past few years, a lot of hair care experts have come up with life-changing tips that are considered to be must-follow for curly-haired women who use a flat iron to straighten their thick hair.

Following these tips can help you straighten your hair more efficiently and also ensure that it lasts for a long period of time. Incorporate these tricks to get super smooth and straight-looking locks.

So, the next time you sit with a flat iron to straighten your hair, just keep such tips in mind for getting desired outcome.

Read on to learn more about these must-follow tips that can make a world of difference to your hair-straightening experience.


1. Before Straightening Use A Heat Protection Spray

This is a golden tip that you should follow without fail to prevent your hair from getting damaged. Always spritz a hair protectant spray before you start straightening your hair. This will not only act as a safeguard against heat styling tools but also help your thick locks get straightened in a smooth way. Go for a branded spray to get maximum results.


2. Blow-dry Your Hair Straight

This is another simple yet life-changing tip that can make a world of difference to your hair-straightening session. Just blow-dry your hair straight to prevent flyaways. Your thick and curly locks will stay under control and also free from frizz by following this simple straightening hack.


3. Use A Brush Instead Of A Comb

Brushes tend to work best while straightening thick, curly hair. This expert-approved hair straightening tip can help your tresses stay frizz-free and also prevent breakage. During the process and even after straightening your locks, it is best to use a fine wooden brush to help the straightening last longer.


4. Make Sure Your Hair Is Completely Dry

Before you start with the process, it is best to ensure that your curly locks and scalp is completely dry. Using a flat iron on wet hair or scalp can cause irreversible damage and also lead to hair flyaway afterwards. Follow this tip at all costs for getting best results.


5. Blow Dry Your Hair On ‘Cool’ Setting

To get best results from your hair styling session and to ensure minimal damaging side effect from it, you should use a blow dryer on a cool setting. Drying your hair on this setting will keep the frizz away from your locks and also help the straightening to last for a longer period of time.


6. Split It Into Sections

Women with thick, curly tresses should always split their hair into various sections to get best results from the straightening process. Also, it is best to create narrow sections to achieve straight-looking locks. Give this generic yet effective tip a try to get desired outcome.


7. Pick the Right Size Straightener

For short, thick hair it is best to use narrow-sized flat iron. On the other hand, for long thick hair, experts recommend women to use wider straighteners. Picking the right size can not only make the whole process hassle-free but also help you get gorgeously straight locks.


8. After Straightening Spritz An Anti-frizz Spray

Right after straightening your hair, you should spritz a little bit of anti-frizz spray to prevent flyaways that can completely ruin the look. This hair-straightening tip is a must-follow to ensure that your locks do not look messy after the ironing process.


9. Straighten Your Hair From Top To Bottom

This is the last hair-straightening tip that can prove to be life-changing. Just run the flat iron from top to bottom of your locks to achieve best results. This tip can enable to straighten your hair in an efficient manner.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 22, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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