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    How To Increase Hair Volume?

    By Riddhi

    If your precious hair strands are falling away, then you would definitely see the difference in your hair volume. We will tell you how you can increase hair growth and also increase hair volume. Keep reading.

    Your diet and sleeping habits play a huge role in your appearance. So if you're having a lot of hair fall, make sure that you are eating healthy and that you are getting enough sleep. Another reason for hair fall could be stress.

    Try to include mild forms of breathing exercises to reduce stress. Apart from that, these tips would help your hair grow faster.


    1. Hot Oil Massage:

    Warm up any oil of your liking, and use this to massage your scalp with. Massaging your scalp increases blood circulation in the scalp and hence promotes hair growth and thereby hair volume.


    2. Shampoo Habits:

    Make sure you shampoo only twice or thrice a week, as daily shampooing can make your hair lose too much of its natural oils and then fall off more often. Also, be careful when you're picking a shampoo. Try to go for the one without any sulphate content in it.


    3. Baby Powder:

    If your hair does tend to get greasy, what you can do is put some baby powder or dry shampoo on your scalp to help absorb the grease and make sure you don't have to wash your hair as often. This indirectly helps your hair look more voluminous.


    4. Avoid Chemicals:

    Avoid treatments like perms and permanent straightening. Try to let your hair be in its natural state as much as possible. This would help avoid any hair damage and also retain the hair thickness, giving rise to good volume.


    5. De-Stress:

    Stress has a huge impact on your entire appearance. Wind down at the end of the day by doing something you like, like reading a book or walking, which helps you relax your mind, thereby help in avoiding hair loss.


    6. Diet:

    Pay attention to your diet. Try to eat food that is rich in proteins to make sure that your hair texture remains good; and remember, good healthy hair means less hair fall and therefore good hair volume.

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