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Hacks For Oily Hair When There's No Time For Shampoo

When the hair is not washed with a shampoo for long, automatically it becomes oily. Constant use of a hair shampoo is not possible, considering our busy life schedules and it is also threatening to the health of the hair.

Yet, oily scalp and hair cannot be carried out of home, as that makes one look gloomy and unhygienic.

So, to solve the situation when you discover that your hair is oily and you don't have the time in hand for a shampoo session, here is a list of hair hacks that you can start following.

These hair hacks work as an efficient remedy for oily scalp and hair, if done with effort and patience. The outcome of each of these oily hair hacks is immediate and it just requires some specific cosmetics and processes.

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So, take a look at the hair hacks for oily scalp and hair, and try the ones that you find easy to start with.


Always Buy Silicone-free Hair Products

Most hair products - starting from shampoo to conditioner or volumizer - contain silicone. The silicone makes the hair appear heavy and oily and attracts extra dust and pollutants.

So, if at an everyday level you start using organic, herbal or homemade hair products that are devoid of silicone content, you will see a vast change in your oily hair and scalp.


Switch Your Hair Combs And Brushes

If you continue using the same hair combs and brushes, then the dust and pollutants on them get collected to the hair and thus, it becomes oily. As an alternative, try changing your hair combs and brushes at regular intervals and you will see the pace of your hair becoming oily getting reduced.


Do Not Use Your Own Hands On Your Hair

A very common habit among ladies is to touch and feel their own hair without any reason. The more you do this, the more dirt and grime get transferred onto your hair and scalp, making it oily. Thus, try not to touch your hair without any reason and even when you do, ensure your hands are clean and moisture free.


Dry Shampoo Is A Must

If you see you are constantly battling with oily hair, then you must buy a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the fastest and easiest hack for oily hair. You can get a dry shampoo from the nearest makeup store or also prepare a dry shampoo at home. Coming to using of a dry shampoo, do not just spray it all over your hair but ensure to put it on all sections.


Change In Your Hair Wash Routine

Frequent hair washes make the hair and scalp turn oilier. With every hair wash, your natural hair oil gets removed and thus, the scalp produces new natural oil to balance. So, it is important to keep a healthy gap in your hair shampoo schedule, so that the shampoo only clears your hair dust and not strip off the natural oils. On trying this altered hair shampoo regimen, you will yourself see a vast difference.


Baby Powder Or Cornstratch Remedy

Very old hack for oily hair and scalp is Baby Powder Or Cornstratch. Just take a spoon of it on your palm and massage it into your hair roots. Extra baby powder or corn starch can make your hair turn white and tough to comb after that. So, distribute a little amount of either baby powder or corn starch to your hair roots and massage to remove the extra oil.


Change Your Hair Parting Style

Commonly suggested by mothers and grannies, changing the hair parting is a good way of treating oily hair problems. You can just swipe your hair from left to right or keep no parting in your hairstyle, to bring in a fresh look minus the oily feel.


Use Your Hair Straightener Or Curler

Lastly, another quick hack for oily hair is using a straightener or curler. Heat it and just make your hair completely straight or bring in some waves. This will again change the look of your hair and thus, the oiliness will be less visible. While using a straightener or curler, always be very careful that you don't overheat it.

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