Everything You Need To Know About Hair Primers

By Shabana

The beauty industry bombards us with new products everyday. It becomes difficult for us to keep track of the various products launched in the market. But you can be at peace, for we are here to update you regarding the latest products and their uses. Our articles will always keep you up to date with the latest trends in the market.

The trending hair product right now is hair primers. You might have heard about face primers. They are used on the face just before applying make-up. They prep the skin and create an even base for the make-up.

But hair primers are comparatively new in the Indian markets. They work just like face primers. They prep your hair for the heat you might apply to it while using styling tools.

Here are some reasons to use a hair primer in your hairstyling routine.

things to know about hair primers

1) They Help Protect The Hair From Environmental Factors

Hair primers create a barrier between the hair and the atmosphere. They protect the hair from the sun's damaging rays and from other factors like dust, dirt and humidity.

2) They Create An Even Base For Hairstyling Products And Tools

Just like face primers, they create an even surface on the hair so that the hair treatment and products are distributed evenly throughout the hair.

3) They Make A Hairstyle Last Longer

When a hairstyle is done after prepping the hair with a hair primer, there are high chances it lasts longer. The weightless formula of the hair primers makes the products and treatment stay longer, hence, resulting in longer lasting hairstyles.

4) It Helps Your Hair Stay Clean

Because of its ability to keep pollutants and dust particles at bay, it lets the hair stay clean from the inside. Also, its ability to resist moisture will keep frizz at bay.

5) There Are Different Kinds Of Hair Primers For Different Textures

There are different hair primers available for different hair textures. Hair primers for fine hair come in the form of a spray which adds volume to the hair. For thick hair, they come in a cream base that weighs down the hair and gives them shape. Hair primers are usually silicone-free so you don't have to worry about build-ups.

6) They Are Multi-purpose

Apart from making your style last longer, they also help detangle your hair. You don't have to worry about applying a serum as hair primers are also anti-frizz. They add shine to your hair. They also intensify curls. Cream-based hair primers provide the much needed moisture to dry coarse hair.

Amazing what that a single product can do, right? Now you must be wondering how to exactly use this wonderful product for your hair. Here are a few tips to achieve maximum juice out of this product.

1) The ideal way to use a hair primer is on towel-dried hair, after shampooing and conditioning the hair. Apply dime-sized amount through the lengths and then proceed to use other hairstyling products. Apart from a long-lasting style, it will also detangle hair and eliminate frizz.

2) A hair primer can be used on damp hair, too, before blow drying and using any heat-based styling tools. It acts as a barrier against heat and prevents damage to the hair shaft.

3) It can be used on dry hair too, but make sure to use the cream variety when doing so; it works wonderfully on your hair.

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    Story first published: Saturday, September 9, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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