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Why You Should Wash Your Hair At Night & Not Morning

By Riddhi

Lazy girls would rejoice at the idea of not having to wash their hair in the morning. This is not only convenient, but would make your hair look a lot better, say experts. So, we will tell you why you should wash your hair at night and not in the morning.

Washing your hair in the morning is a painful task, especially if you are still groggy from sleep. Moreover, this can even give you a cold or get you sick, as there would be a sudden change in temperature as you get out of bed and into the shower. Plus, it gives you more time to sleep. And who doesn't want that?

There are a lot of benefits of washing your hair at night, apart from getting more sleep of course. For example, you can even give your hair a lot more time and attention if you wash it at night because naturally you would be in a rush in the morning.

So, here are all the reasons why you should wash your hair at night!


1. More Time To Wash = Cleaner Scalp:

Having more time means that you can wash your hair more thoroughly. This means that your scalp would be cleaner for longer and you wouldn't have to wash your hair as much as you do usually, which is harmful for your hair.


2. Natural Oils:

Washing your hair at night means that your scalp would have time at night to secrete its natural oils and make sure the hair does not look too dry or frizzy.


3. Sun Damage:

Going out into the sun right after washing your hair can make your hair weaker, and rough because of the heat. And that is why washing hair at night is better.


4. Heat Styling:

Using heat-styling tools on your hair right after washing it is not at all a good idea. This is when your hair is most susceptible to damage. Instead, wash your hair at night, so that you can use heat styling the next morning.


5. Hairstyles:

Just washed hair does not hold hairstyles as well as unwashed hair does, as hair is very wispy right after it is washed and it tends to slip a lot. Instead, wash your hair at night and sleep with some leave-in conditioner to wake up to smooth hair.


6. Avoid Colds:

The mornings are when you are more sensitive to catch illnesses. And if you wash your hair in the mornings, you are even more likely to get sick. Avoid it all together by washing your hair at night.


7. Drying Time:

If you wash your hair at night, you have more time to dry it. In the mornings, you would have to rush and then invariably your hair would have to dry in the sun or naturally. That means your hair would definitely not look the way you want it to look. Hope this answered your question on why you should wash your hair at night.

Story first published: Friday, December 16, 2016, 12:21 [IST]
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