Why Is Your Hair Not Growing?

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Has your hair stopped growing?

We have been told so much about hair growth and hair fall that we just don't know what to believe any more! It is annoying to say the least.

why is your hair not growing

What is even more frustrating is the hair length that seems to stay the same, month after month.

Why is your hair not growing? If it is growing, where is it going? Why is the length the same? There are too many questions, and no answers.

Trust us, you are not the only one. About 2 out of 3 women face this issue, and are struggling to understand the reason why.

Although 90% of your hair strands are supposed to be on a constant growth cycle and only 10% on the resting phase, there are still reasons that can stunt the growth or cease it completely.

We did some research, talked to the experts and here is what we found out. You might be familiar with some reasons, others may just take you by surprise.

Whatever the reasons are, knowing exactly what is going on with your hair will definitely help you take care of your mane better. Have a look at these reasons below.


Unhealthy Scalp

One of the most common reasons why hair stops growing is scalp infection. The healthy pH balance of your scalp is between 4.5 and 5.5, anything above or below that disrupts the balance, making your scalp either too oily or dry. Both of which can stunt hair growth.


Lack Of Moisture

The elasticity of your hair is put to test every day, when you twist, bend, twirl or braid your hair strands, making it susceptible to breakage. Elasticity of your hair, just like your skin, depends on moisture level. Lack of moisture means weakened roots and therefore dry, brittle hair.


Improper Diet

For your hair, it all begins inside. What is inside is what you see on the outside. A primary reason why your hair is not growing is because your body is not getting the required amount of vitamins, minerals and the most important component, H20, that is water.



Your hair growth cycle depends on your genetics too. And the cycle is never consistent throughout your life, it varies. For a certain period, your hair lies dormant with no growth. The length of this phase can be a few weeks, for some people, for others it can stretch up to some years, all depending on your genetic composition.



Like stress sometimes makes your skin breakout or become dull, the same rule applies to your hair as well. Stress hampers the oestrogen production, which in turn prevents hair growth. One of the tested natural ways to promote hair growth is to beat stress and try to relax your mind, body and soul.


Chocking Hair Follicles With Chemicals

Aggressive bleaching, styling and using chemical-based products can leave residue on your scalp, which clogs pores, stunting hair growth. And when hair does grow, it is often brittle with rough ends, which easily breaks, keeping your hair length stagnant.


Too Many Trims

One of the common reasons why your hair does not grow is this. Maintaining healthy hair strands is important, no doubt, but trimming it too often does more damage than any good. Your hair is chopped off, before it can grow, creating the "appearance" that there is no growth.


Medical Issues

Keep a close tab on your hair on whether it is breaking more than usual. If so, try to gauge the reason why. Is it just pollution getting better off your hair, or is there any underlying health issue like hormonal imbalance? Then, get the issue addressed accordingly.


Using Wrong Products

Want to know why your hair is not growing? It is probably because of the products you are using. Read the ingredients given on the label, and do research on how these ingredients can impact your hair. Understanding your product can go a long way in treating your locks and making your hair grow.


Poor Hair Habits

There are several poor hair habits why your hair stops to grow. For instance, using hair dryer too close to your locks, sleeping with wet hair, pulling at hair strands too much, or dousing your scalp with oil, etc., which can lead to greasy scalp. Break these habits and you will notice a considerable improvement in your hair growth.


Lack Of Proteins

Lack of proteins is one common reason as to why hair stops growing. Your hair quality and texture depends on its elasticity. And elasticity is determined by the collagen level, which in turns requires proteins to produce the required amount.



Age does not just take a toll on your body, but also on your hair. Oil production in your scalp reduces with age, which in turn makes your hair turn coarse, dry and brittle. Only way around this is to care for your hair enough and replenish your system with the required amount of proteins and vitamins.


Split Ends

Sometimes, it is not that your hair is not growing, but it is breaking too often, which makes the hair length look the same, all year round. A simple home remedy you can follow for hair growth is to give your hair some much-needed break from styling, heating and bleach, so that it can grow.

Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2016, 14:05 [IST]
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