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What's The Right Way To Dry Your Hair?

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Drying hair after a wash seems like a simple enough task, right? Only it is not. People lose 30% to 40% of their hair due to ignorance on the right hair-drying technique.

Rubbing hair vigorously can break the hair strands and lead to split ends, while patting hair gently and leaving the scalp moist for too long can attract dirt, making it greasy.

Your coarse rough towel is no good either. All the tugging and rubbing, loosens hair follicles.

Blasting hair with a blow dryer may make the job somewhat easier, but it strips the natural moisture from your hair cuticles, making it dull, dry and brittle.

So, how to dry hair after a wash? The right way of drying hair may require meticulous work and time on your end.

However, when done right, you will notice a visible reduction in hair fall, healthy shine and more volume, minus the grease.

To get the best out of each wash, here is the right way to dry hair, take a look.

squeeze hair

Squeeze Hair With Hands
The right way to dry hair is to squeeze out the excess water with your hands first, before using a towel. Once you turn off the shower, collect small sections of the hair in your hand, and squeeze out the excess water. Avoid twisting hair, as it can lead to breakage.


Throw Your Coarse Towel
Your coarse towel does more damage than any good. It makes your hair turn frizzy, prone to breakage and also weakens the root. For a smooth, frizz-free drying, use a microfiber towel or even an old T-shirt. The soft material of a used t-shirt will help dry hair easily, without causing tangles or breakage.

blot towel

Blot Hair With Towel
What you should never do when drying hair is to rub your mane rigorously with a towel. Instead, blot and squeeze. Grab small section of your hair, gently blot it from the bottom, working your way up. Repeat this, until you have thoroughly towel-dried all of your hair.

shake the water

Shake The Water Out
Flip hair upside down, and shake your head for a few seconds, until the excess droplets of water come out. Later, fluff your hair gently with your fingers, and massage the roots. This is not only a quick way to dry hair, but it also stimulates blood flow to your scalp, which in turn promotes hair growth.

hair serum

Hair Serum
Hair serum forms a protective layer on your hair, which minimises damage from exterior elements and helps lock in the moisture. Take a few drops of any of the natural herb-infused hair serums and rub it gently through the length of your hair.

blow dry

Blow Dry
Skip blow drying, if you can, but if you have to use it, make sure you hair has dried at least 60% to 80% naturally. Set the dryer on the coolest mode and keep it at least 6 inches away, and keep moving the dryer constantly around! Style it the way you want. This is the right way to dry hair after a hair wash.

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