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Tips To Avoid A Bad Hair Day!

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Do you have an event that you've been looking forward to since forever? You must have planned your outfit really well too. But, alas, what if your hair decides to behave badly on that day? So, you must know some tips to avoid bad hair days for just such kinds of events!

Bad hair days have ruined a lot of our days. When our entire look is in place and our hair decides to just not listen to us. We've all had those days, haven't we? Especially when we were young and unaware of the little tricks needed to make our hair behave.

But, gradually, age has given us a lot of wisdom in terms of beauty and how to deal with our hair and skin.

Some tips to avoid a bad hair day can be our saviours, really, because bad hair days are something that we wish to leave behind and definitely wouldn't want them to ruin our mood completely.

There are some sure-shot ways in which you can avoid bad hair days for real. Follow these tips to avoid bad hair days and your hair will be happy, at least on the outside.


1. Washing Tip:

Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Never too hot and never too cold. Water that is too hot can open up the hair follicles and cause hair fall, and also make the hair dry and frizzy.


2. Last Rinse:

The last rinse after washing should always be with cold water. This helps lock in the moisture and your hair will be a lot shinier once it dries.


3. Shampoo:

Ways to avoid bad hair days includes this one perfect tip. Try to use a shampoo that is free of parabens and sulphates. This ensures healthier hair overall.


4. Condition:

Always remember to condition your hair after washing it. Condition only the ends though, as conditioning the roots could make your hair turn greasy.


5. Blow Dry:

Heat styling can be damaging, but it can add that much-needed volume to your hair on days when you just want to avoid a bad hair day. Just use a serum before you blow dry to avoid damage from the heat.


6. Waves:

For really natural-looking waves, braid your hair overnight when your hair is slightly damp and wake up to romantic, soft waves.


7. Beer Condition:

This is a perfect trick to avoid bad hair day. Use beer to condition your hair for the day when you want to avoid a bad hair day at all costs. Rinse your hair with beer after shampooing. Beer would make your hair frizz-free and shiny.


8. Baby Hairs:

That tiny little hair that is just growing can be so annoying to handle, as it would just not settle down. Use some lip balm in this case to make sure, the tiny hair settles down. Odd trick, yes, but it definitely works.


9. Messy Bun:

If all else fails, tie up your hair in a neat 'messy' bun. Do this by taking a section at the front and making a pouf, and then tie a regular bun. The pouf makes sure the bun doesn't look flat.


10. Serum:

Hair serum is an extremely important tip to avoid bad hair day and ensure that amazing glossy hair. A good serum can reverse hair that looks dull, in no time.


11. Heat Protection:

Always use heat protection before styling your hair with a straightener. Straighteners can really damage the hair. Plus, who likes the smell of burnt hair? Yikes!!


12. Comb:

Spray on some mild hairspray on your comb to make sure all your hair stays in place when you comb those strands. This is one way how you could avoid a bad hair day.

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