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7 Tips To Maintain Coloured Hair, Which Really Work!

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Do you feel like experimenting with your hair by colouring it or adding in bright streaks?

Do you want to cover-up your grey strands by dyeing your hair? If yes, then you should not think too much before going in for a colourful hair make-over!

It is quite common for women to over-think, especially when it comes to making semi-permanent changes to their hair, such as colouring it or trying on a radical new hairstyle.

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However, if we just keep thinking about the idea of making changes to our hair and never actually go ahead with the plan, it will only add on to our frustration!

Especially today, when there are so many safe products that can be used to style your hair and make your tresses look stylish with bright highlights that make you appear younger by covering your greys, by which you can safely say a yes to a dye job!

Many a times, we may feel that maintaining coloured hair can prove to be quite a strenuous task.

However, you don't have to worry now, as we give you a few simple tips to maintain coloured hair, which can make your life much easier, have a look!


1. Quality Dye

Talk to your hair care professional and have them use only quality hair dyes, which are both safe and can last longer. Do some research online and read reviews to check which is the best hair dye out there in the market!


2. Colour-Protecting Hair Products

Ensure that you use hair products like shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc, which are designed specifically for coloured hair. Regular hair products may lead to the hair colour fading away sooner.


3. Wear A Hat

While you are on the go, wear a hat or cover your hair with a scarf, as the free radicals from the dust and sun rays can settle on your hair, thereby fading the colour and also making your hair unhealthy.


4. Avoid Red Dye

Colours like red and bright blue can fade away extremely quickly, within just a few days after you've got your hair coloured, so if you want a hair colour that lasts longer, avoid red and bright blue!


5. Avoid Frequent Hair Wash

When you have coloured hair, try to avoid washing your mane too frequently because of the obvious reason that water can fade the colour on the hair more quickly!


6. Conditioner Is A Must

When you have dyed hair, using a colour-protectant conditioner is a must because coloured hair tends to become dry and brittle, without proper conditioning.


7. Pamper Coloured Hair

Massage your coloured hair with warm coconut oil, once in a week, and also use lukewarm water to wash your hair, as coloured hair may be more susceptible to the damage caused to the hair!

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