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6 Herbal Rinses To Grow Hair Back On Bald Spots!

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Between harsh weather, styling tools and chemical-based products, your hair takes some major beating. And hair masks can be time-consuming, not to mention, the time they take to work! That's why you need herbal rinse, as it is quick, easy and boosts hair growth in a week!

Your hair has a natural protective layer, which is nothing but your natural scalp oil.

Things like nutritional deficiencies, harsh hair care products, over-exposure to sun and hormonal disorder, etc., can all strip your hair's natural oil, leaving it brittle, dry, dull and thin.

Your hair, just like your skin, is the direct reflection of your health. And no amount of herbal rinse is going to regrow your hair, until you take charge of your internal system.

First thing's first, quit smoking, follow a proper diet, drink ample amount of water, expose your hair less to styling tools and chemicals and, of course, exercise to pump up the blood flow!

Other than that, here are some herbal tricks on how to improve damaged hair naturally, take a look.

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Story first published: Friday, September 9, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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