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Prevent Dry Split Ends With 7 Magical Remedies

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Split ends can be a real challenge to get rid of, which is why Boldsky shares with you some of the perfect and magical ingredients that you can apply in your hair to prevent this hair issue in the first place.

It is said that if you comb your hair as soon as you wash it, the hair tends to split. It is always necessary to allow your hair to dry first and then comb it.

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Secondly, not applying enough oil in your hair can make it extremely dry, thus making the ends of your hair split.

Beauty experts state that if you want to prevent split ends, you should avoid leaving your hair dry. Pampering your hair to the maximum, when temperatures are soaring high, is very important.

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Today, in this list, we have a few natural remedies that you can apply in your hair to prevent split ends. If you apply these masks at the ends of your hair every week, you will soon start to see a change in the texture of your hair.

Regularly using these remedies will also promote better hair growth and improve on the strength of the hair as well. So, take a look, dear ladies, at these 7 masks that won't let your hair split:



Eggs have protein, a good element to keep your hair well nourished. Apply the white of an egg on to your scalp every week to prevent hair from splitting.



Wet and towel dry your hair. Now, apply cold mayo on the ends of your hair. Let it stay on your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing it well with water.



Bananas are rich in natural oils, potassium, zinc, iron and vitamins A, C, and E, which makes it a healthy fruit to be applied on to the hair. If you want to prevent splits, make a mask out of banana pulp and curd. Apply the mixture on the hair and after 15 minutes, rinse well.



Make a thick mixture from papaya pulp and curd. This mixture can then be applied from the root of the hair to the ends. This healthy vitamin C fruit will surely prevent your hair from splitting and turning dry in summer.



To a bowl, add one tablespoon of cream and half a cup of milk. Combine the ingredients to one and then apply it on to your dry hair. The calcium in these ingredients will make your hair soft and prevent hair damage.



Honey is another ingredient that you can use in your hair to make your tresses soft. All you need to do is to mix a spoonful of honey with one tablespoon of cold curd and apply this on to the tips of your hair. Let this stay on your strands for about 20 minutes and rinse it well with water.


Fenugreek Seeds:

To a bowl, add one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and mix this with a cup of curd. Now combine the ingredients to one and then apply this mask on to your hair, twice in a week. It will help prevent your hair from splitting.

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