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How To Use Potato Skin To Get Rid Of Grey Hair!

By Kumutha

Whether you are in your early 20's or late 50's, greying hair will always be that subtly veiled nightmare that reminds us of how fast we are ageing.

While you may have tried and given up on countless so-called remedies for white hair by now, there is still one more solution we want you to try - potato skin for grey hair.

Homemade potato hair mask contains vitamin A, B and C, which cleanse the scalp of oil build-up, remove flaky dandruff, unclog pores and promote regeneration of new hair follicles.

Not just that, potato happens to be a powerhouse of minerals like iron, zinc, potassium and calcium, which reduce the shedding of hair and promote hair growth.

Added to that, starch in potato acts as a natural colourant, which not just removes grey hair, but also adds lustre to your mane.

To boil it all down, potato does not just stave off grey hair, but also gives a new lease to your hair.

So, how exactly to go about using this unconventional hair treatment? Fear not, we will take you step-by-step on how to use potato skin on hair.

Step 1:

Take about 6 potatoes, rinse them nicely and peel. Take the peel and set it aside.

Step 2:

Fill a pan with a litre of water. Let the water come to a boiling point. Add the potato peel and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Turn off the flame and let the water steep for another 15 minutes, until cool.

Step 3:

Using a cheese cloth or mesh strainer, strain the solution into a clean bowl. Throw off the potato peel and allow the solution to hibernate for a few hours. If the potato solution for grey and falling hair becomes too thick, add some more water. You can also add essential oils of your choice to amp up the nutrient quotient of the solution.

Step 4:

Cleanse your hair thoroughly with a mild cleanser. Follow it up with a conditioner. Once done, detangle your hair. Make sure not to use a comb, as hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet. Instead, run your fingers through your hair to untangle your tresses.

Step 5:

Divide your hair into small sections. Dip a cotton ball into the solution, wring out the excess. And gently apply the solution to your scalp. Make sure your entire scalp and hair length is doused in the potato rinse for grey hair.

Step 6:

Massage your hair for 5 minutes. Tie your hair in a loose bun, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Later, rinse it out with cold water.

Step 7:

Once done, wring out the excess water by squeezing your hair. Blot the excess moisture using an old T-shirt or towel. Let your mane air dry, before styling it.

If you have any more tips on how to use potato skin on hair, do share it with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 16:04 [IST]
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