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How To Prevent Chemical Burns Due to Hair Dyes

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We all have felt a slight tinge of burning sensation when we use hair dyes. This sensation usually goes away on it's own in a minute or two.

However, when the sensation doesn't go away, but intensifies with time, you probably have a chemical burn!

Chemical burns are probably one of the most painful kinds of burns. While it is believed that the human scalp is resilient, the truth is that chemical burns on the scalp do happen!

chemical burn due to hair dye

It is also believed that immunity plays a strong role in preventing chemical burns. While this is partially true, even a good immune system can't negate the effects of harsh chemicals.

You must be wondering how do chemical burns occur and are they really this painful?

Well, chemical burns occur when you over-bleach your hair. Chemical burns might also occur when you change the shade of your hair colour twice in one day.

Usually, a person's scalp that is unhealthy, which has dandruff or has become sensitive due to continued exposure to chemicals, is most at risk.

If you love colouring your hair and don't want to stop, then continue reading to know how you can prevent chemical burns that occur due to hair dyes.

chemical burn due to hair dye

Test The Hair Colour On Your Skin First: Mix a small amount of the hair colour, and do the colour swab test. Apply the hair colour on to the inner part of your elbow. Wait for 20 minutes, watch out for any burning sensation.

You might feel a slight tingling sensation which is normal, but a burning sensation is not. If you have a sensitive scalp, then apply only a small amount of the hair dye on a segment of your hair for 10 minutes.

If you do not notice any burning sensation, then proceed with colouring the remainder of your hair.

chemical burn due to hair dye

Don't Keep The Colour On For Too Long: Majority of the hair colouring and hair bleaching products that are available use ammonia and a range of other chemicals. These chemicals are safe to be used in small quantities and for limited periods of time.

If the box of your hair colouring product states to keep the hair colour on for 30-40 minutes, then stick to this time frame. If you have a sensitive scalp or known scalp issues, then factor this in, while you choose the time frame to keep the hair colour on your hair.

If your hair stylist is colouring your hair, then let him know about any known scalp issues as well.

chemical burn due to hair dye

Don't Colour The Roots: The roots and scalp are close by, which makes it important for you to stay away from the roots. As far as possible, keep a gap of 1/4th of an inch between the scalp and the start of the coloured hair. Partitioning your hair into segments before colouring can help immensely.

Apply Plain Petroleum Jelly On Your Skin: Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly near your forehead, ears and neck. This will avoid any additional chemical burns that can happen while you colour your hair.

chemical burn due to hair dye

Don't Wash Your Hair For 24 Hours Before Colouring: Natural oils that are present on our scalp prevent us from getting chemical burns. Washing your hair with shampoo and water will strip your scalp of these natural oils. Ensure that you do not wash your hair for at least 24 hours before you colour it. Additionally, make sure that your hair is free from other chemicals such as sprays and creams before you colour it.

Do Not Apply Heat To Bleached Hair: If you are bleaching your hair chemically to get a lighter base colour, then don't apply heat to it. Blow-drying your hair, while the bleach is applied, is one of the common causes of chemical burns due to hair dyes.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 23:30 [IST]
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