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Grandma Approved Curry Leaves Oil Recipe For Grey Hair

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Salt and pepper hair ONLY looks good when you reach that age of maturity when you are wise and have limitless life experiences behind you.

A point where your confidence, that comes with age, and style intersects can seem tantalizing indeed! However, if you are in your late twenties, grey hair peeking out is rather unappealing. And if you are a woman, it is even more disheartening.

So, we got down to research to find out what exactly causes premature greying of hair? And the results were rather obvious!

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Hair goes grey when the colour-producing cells in our body stop producing the required amount of melanin. And the factors that stunt the colour-producing cells from doing their work are as follows:

how to prevent grey hair

Genetics: Your genes determine the pigment potential of each individual hair follicle.

Hydrogen Peroxide: It causes your hair to bleach, and your hair naturally produces hydrogen peroxide. However, as you age, the production increases, which makes your hair grey and eventually turn white.

Smoking: Smoking leads to an early onset of grey hair.

Stress: Stress causes free radicals to outnumber antioxidants in your body, leading to keratin breakdown, which causes grey hair.

how to prevent grey hair

Now that you know the causes, it's time to get down to finding a solution. And we cannot think of any better remedy than our grandma-approved curry leaves recipe. Here is a curry leaf oil recipe to get rid of the premature grey hair.

Curry leaves contain a strong amount of antioxidants and amino acid that strengthen the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth. Also, your hair needs vitamin B complex to produce the required amount of melanin.

Curry leaves are packed with vitamin B complex and iodine, zinc and sodium that intensify your hair colour, making it rich dark and soft.

Ingredients Required:

  • Handful of curry leaves
  • 200 ml of pure coconut oil
how to prevent grey hair

Direction of Making & Application:

  • Take a bunch of curry leaves and rinse them well in water. Lay the curry leaves out in the sun, until they turn brown and become crisp to touch.
  • Grind the curry leaves into a fine powder.
  • Heat some coconut oil in a double boiler, add four heaping tablespoons of powdered curry leaves. Bring to a boiling point.
  • Allow it to cool at room temperature. Distil and store this in an air-tight container. Use it as and when required.

You will notice your hair shaft become intensely dark and shiny, within a week's use. And if you have any more tips for grey hair, do share them with us at the comment section below.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 11, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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