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Do You Know How To Maintain Long Hair?

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Long hair is such a blessing, how many of you agree? Even as children, most of us had the liking to grow our hair till the waist, ain't I right?

To have long and healthy looking hair, one must pamper the roots and ends with extra care and love.

10 Homemade Hair Masks for Hair Loss

You might have come across people advising you to soak coconut oil in your scalp and to wash it over night and you might have also come across people introducing you to multiple types of shampoos and conditioners to promote hair growth.

However, the truth be told, there are only a few trustworthy home remedies that work wonders in maintaining long hair. If you have long dry hair, the best tip to smoothen it and make it shine is to apply some olive oil along with curd on the scalp and to the rest of the hair.

Turmeric Magic For Long Hair

These two ingredients when combined together will help to make your hair shine naturally, enabling you to see the results in a week's time.

On the other hand, for those of you who don't know how to maintain long hair, this is a read for you too. Take a look at these easy tips to maintain long hair, especially in the summer.


Avoid The Dryer:

If your hair is wet, dry it under sunlight for 15 minutes. Avoid using the hair dryer, at least during summer, as the heat emitted from the dryer can cause drastic hair fall.


Say No To Combing Wet Hair:

Combing wet hair will cause a lot of hair problems like split ends and hair loss. To maintain long hair, wait for your tresses to naturally dry before combing it.


Don't Wrap It:

If you are blessed with long hair, make use of it. Constantly tying up your hair will not allow your hair to breathe and, therefore, this can further lead to scalp bacterial and fungal infections.


Use Only Homemade Shampoos:

Homemade shampoo is the best and the safest to be used on long hair. It will protect your hair from all types of problems and will always ensure that your roots are strong and healthy.


Protect It From The Sun:

Too much of sunlight on your hair can make it dry. The sharp UV rays can also affect the scalp by drying up the moisture, making your scalp feel itchy and dry. Make sure to cover your head when you're out with friends or family.


Cut Those Split Ends:

Split ends can make the hair look ugly. If your long hair has split ends, try getting a hair cut at least once in a month to trim those ends. You can also try hair masks to pamper your tresses and keep them healthy.


Focus On Your Roots:

Focus on your roots, as it is important in getting you that volume and length of the hair that you desire. If your roots are strong, there is nothing to worry about. So, bring in the right amount of ingredients to keep your hair roots healthy and strong.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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