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Benefits Of Almond Milk For Your Hair

By Riddhi

Almonds are really nutritious and help in a number of skin, hair and body problems. Did you know of just how many ways almonds can help your hair? Do you know about the benefits of almond milk for hair?

Almonds are known to help with cholesterol, diabetes and even help prevent some forms of cancer, apart from the skin, hair and beauty benefits that an almond has.

Eating almonds can benefit your skin and hair immensely, but you can obviously also apply almonds on yourself for equally, if not better results.

What you need to remember is that like all home and natural remedies, these too would take time, and you just have to be patient.

It is really gentle to use and even really easy to use. You can get store-bought almond milk or make it on your own. It is preferred that you make it on your own, even though it's a little bit difficult to do so.

Store-bought ones would work just as well too. So, here are all the amazing benefits of using almond milk for your hair. Try it out to end all your hair-related problems.

1. For Conditioning The Hair: Almond milk can be mixed with a little almond oil and used as a conditioning mask for the hair. Spread it out all over your hair and put on a shower cap. Leave it on for an hour and then wash. You'd be left with softer, moisturised hair.

2. To Treat Scalp Infections: Almond milk can penetrate deep into the scalp and help you get rid of infections and inflammations that are caused by excessive pollution or other problems.

3. Hair Growth: Mix almond milk, castor oil and a crushed hibiscus flower. Use this mix on your hair an hour before you wash it. All of the ingredients combined together can help your hair grow thick and long.

4. For That Added Strength: Almonds have monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins that help strengthen the hair. These nutrients penetrate into the hair strands and make them stronger.

5. To Reduce Grey Hair: Almond milk also helps prevent grey hair if used as a deep conditioner. This is one of the best benefits of almond milk for hair.

6. To Manage Frizzy Hair: Use a few drops of almond oil all over your hair to help beat frizzy hair fast. And if you have time, you can make the almond milk hair mask and keep it on for an hour or so and then wash.

7. To Treat Hair Fall: Massage your scalp with almond oil, lavender oil and almond milk. This mixture prevents hair fall.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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