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Beer For Shiny, Beautiful Hair

By Riddhi Roy

It may sound strange to use beer to wash hair. Specifically, when you know that most people use beer just for drinking purposes. But the malts in beer have proteins that could be beneficial in curing damaged hair, since beer is basically made from fermented whole grains.

The sugar and fructose can be helpful in adding shine to your hair. You must have seen these being used as active ingredients in some shampoos.

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Beer also has a low pH level, which is safe for the hair. Yeast in the beer helps clean the hair and remove all traces of oil and dirt. Contrary to what common sense would have us believe, the alcohol in the beer does not dry out the hair too much if used correctly and only once a week. If you would be using it more than that, it is suggested that you use it mixed with an essential oil.

You would have also seen beer shampoos coming up in the market. The use of beer as a conditioner is not a new concept. It is new in the Indian market.

So, if you've been bothered by dull, damaged hair, a bottle of beer is your answer!

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Here's how to use beer for conditioning:

  • Open a bottle of beer and pour it into a container or tub and leave it overnight. This will decarbonate the beer. Carbonated beer can lead to the formation of hard water if mixed with water directly. This could lead to further damage and dullness.
  • Shampoo your hair like you normally would, but don't condition it. The beer is supposed to act as a conditioner.

  • Massage your hair with the beer. Leave the beer on after shampooing for around five minutes. Then wash it off completely.
  • This will have to be done at least once a week to get any results.

There, that's how you can use beer leftover from the weekend to wash and condition your hair. I hope this post helps!

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Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2016, 18:30 [IST]