How Did Our Grandma Have Such Thick Hair? Here Are Ancient Secrets Revealed!

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Don't know about you, but we for once always wondered, how did our grandmothers manage to have such thick, glossy and intensely dark hair.

They didn't hop to parlors every month for fancy hair spas or stock their bathrooms with ridiculously expensive shampoos, hair sprays or conditioners! Then how? We set out to find the answers or the ancient hair growth secrets, if you may say so.

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And it looks like, we have been doing everything wrong. Right from the way we wash our hair to things we let touch our scalp, ALL WRONG!

Explanation one, why our-beloved-grandma-and-grandpa seemed completely immune to a genetic hair loss condition called androgenic alopecia? Because their hair follicles were much more resilient than ours.

And the reason behind that is their scalp, unlike ours, did not carry a thick residue of chemicals.

Explanation two, how was their hair so jet black? It was probably because the healthy diet they consumed. Besides, they were closely privy to therapeutic properties of herbs, which helped them take care of their mane better!

Whatever the case, as they say, better late than never. So, here are some ancient hair growth secrets that will make world of a difference to your tresses. Take a look.


Head Exercise

Massage stimulates blood flow, which in turn makes the hair grow stronger. So, using the soft pad of your fingers, massage your scalp for 5 minutes every day in a circular motion.

This is yet another trick that has proven to work. Lie down horizontally on your bed, with your head hanging fully out. Close your eyes and massage your scalp gently for five minutes. The blood shoots right to the scalp, which pushes the hair follicles. Do this for five minutes, every day, and your hair will have grown an inch. Try it!


Use Herbs For Shampoos

Ditch those shampoos, today! And switch on to good old herbs, as they can be a true Saviour!

Take 1 tablespoon of green gram flour, 1 tablespoon of Bengal gram flour and ½ a cup of coconut milk. Whip it into a smooth paste. Use it as your shampoo. These ancient herbs for stronger hair will leave your tresses incredibly soft, smooth and silky.

curry leaves

Binge On The Right Food

One thing our Indian cuisine has in plenty is coconut, curry leaves and dal. All of which are powerhouses of vital nutrients and antioxidants, which strengthen the roots, promote regeneration of new hair follicles and boost blood flow.


Herbal Oil Chumpy

Chop a handful of hibiscus leaves finely, add it to a cup of coconut oil. Heat it on a low flame for 5 minutes. Grind the dried curry leaves into a fine powder. Add a tablespoon of the curry leaves powder to the oil. Mix it well and store it in an air-tight bottle. Let it hibernate for 48 hours and then use.

Caution: Smell of this herbal mask for hair growth will be rather pungent, but it will show incredible improvement in hair growth and texture over time.


Reetha + Methi + Amla

These herbs for centuries now have been used in strengthening hair roots and it has worked, every single time.

Soak a tablespoon of methi seeds in water overnight. Grind it into a fine paste in the morning. Add a tablespoon of amla and reetha powder to the paste. Using water, whisk it into a fine paste. Apply it liberally on to your scalp and hair. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with plain water.

green tea

Herbal Rinse

Brew a fresh cup of tea with used green tea bag. After shampooing, rinse your hair with the solution. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Massage your scalp for about 2 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. This simple herbal mask for hair growth will add a nice shine and volume to your dull hair.

blow dry

Basic Rules

Another thing Grandma never used to do was to fuss over her hair too much. Give it some breathing space, comb once or twice in a day. Slow down on the hair styling and cut down on blow drying. In a month you will notice your hair being visibly lush and not so prone to breakage.

onion juice

Onion Juice For Balding Spot

Onion has a high sulphur content, which is known to promote hair growth.

Peel, grind and extract juice of 1 onion. Massage it rigorously on the balding spot. Let it sit overnight and wash it off in the morning. Use this herb to strengthen roots every night, till you see visible results.


Hair Fall Mask

High in proteins, egg is known to infuse life back into dull and dead hair.

Take a bowl, and separate egg white from the yolk. Mix a few drops of lemon juice and rosemary oil to the egg white. Apply it on to your wet hair. Wait till it dries and then shampoo and condition as usual.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera For Scalp Rashes

High with aloesin and antioxidants, aloe vera soothes inflammation, strengthens the roots and restores the pH balance of the scalp.

Cut an aloe vera leaf in half, and extract its juice. Apply it to your scalp. Let it sit overnight. Wash it off with plain water in the morning.

If you have any more tips on how to grow hair naturally, do share them with us at the comment section below.

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