Easy Ways To Cut Out Split Ends By Yourself

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We all wish to have awesome looking hair. Looking after our mane is important as it helps to make us look beautiful. If you want to look after your hair in the most simplest way, then we have some of the best home remedies for to to pay attention to.

Experts state that one must follow two essentials things to keep our tresses healthy. One is pampering our locks with herbal oil massage once in a week and the other necessity is trimming our hair thrice in the year. If we all follow these two tips religiously, there is nothing to worry about.

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Today, Boldsky shares with you how one can trim their hair on their own and get rid of split ends easily. All you need is a pair of fine sharp scissors and patience along with time. So, what are too waiting for? Take a look at how you can trim your hair at home and remove those split ends all at once:

Step 1 - To begin this simple experiment, you need to ensure that your hair is not oily or wet to touch. Comb your hair through, an tie your hair into a low pony tail. Now, gather your hair in the front and search for the splits.

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Step 2 - Hold the bottom of your hair together. Using your fingers ruffle the bottom of your hair and begin to cut out the dry split ends. Now as you cut the splits, ensure that your not cutting the rest of your good hair.

Step 3- After removing the splits from your ponytails. Remove the crunchie and let your hair loose. Now comb your hair with a brush. This will help to remove the cut hair.

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Step 4 - Now, repeat the process by tying your hair again. Cut the split ends gently and move up towards your scalp. When done, again brush your hair.

Step 5 - When your done with the process of removing the split ends on your own, apply a healthy and homemade hair pack. This hair pack will pamper and smoothen your dry hair. Make sure you focus on the bottom of your hair as there is where the hair gets dry very fast.

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Step 6 - After this process is done, visit a saloon n and get yourself a nice hair cut. Trim your locks in a way that they suit the shape of your face.

Always remember to trim your hair, massage it with homemade oils and get rid of those splits. Ignoring split ends will make your hair look dull and dry.

Story first published: Sunday, October 18, 2015, 19:30 [IST]
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