Must Try: Baking Soda Helps Remove Hair Colour!

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If you have coloured your tresses recently and realised it didn't suit, then worry not! We have the perfect remedy to remove hair colour naturally. Baking soda is one of the many best ingredients which can be used on the skin and hair to solve a number of problems.

Recently, it was discovered that baking soda helps remove hair colour naturally.

To remove that faded colour from your hair, you need to make a fine paste from baking soda and water. Use this paste like a shampoo and wash your hair well with lukewarm water.

After the baking soda application on your hair, rinse your tresses with a mild homemade shampoo, preferably a herbal based shampoo.
Finish the process with a gentle conditioner, which will leave the hair with a natural shine and smooth texture.

To remove hair colour from your hair within a month, it is suggested to use this natural ingredient twice to thrice in 30 days.

So, take a look at this simple process of using baking soda on your hair to gradually remove the faded or recent hair colour.


Step 1

Begin by washing the hair with a mild anti-dandruff shampoo. You can also opt for a homemade shampoo that treats dandruff. The shampoo has to have a high PH level. Wash the hair with the shampoo and rinse well.


Step 2

Mix equal parts of baking soda and water in a bowl. The contents have to be stirred well with a spoon so that they have no lumps.


Step 3

First, massage the baking powder solution on the scalp. When done, gently rub the ends of your hair with the solution.


Step 4

Allow the baking powder solution to dry on your scalp and on the tips of your hair. (After applying the solution, if the scalp seems itchy, make sure to rinse it immediately)


Step 5

After 15 minutes of application, rinse the hair well with clear running water to remove the baking soda. Wash the hair again with the same mild shampoo.


Step 6

Now, apply the mild conditioner on the hair and the tips. Don't massage the scalp with the conditioner. Rinse after 7 seconds after application.


Tips To Remember

Experts suggest to wait at least for 3 days before applying the baking soda on the scalp. This is to prevent scalp infections and other hair related problems.
Also, keep in mind to wash the hair well with the mild shampoo and conditioner, as baking soda makes the hair rough and dry.

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