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Importance Of Hot Oil For Hair

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Hair is an inevitable part of a woman's beauty and personality. No matter how fast the fashion world changes, all women love to have thick and long hair. While trying to make this a reality, it is natural that women get trapped in the magical advertisements of cosmetic treatments and chemical hair treatments. But, do you know that growing healthy hair is not that difficult? Hot oil treatment can do that magic for you.

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Hot oil treatment is well known for treating dandruff and for growing thick hair. When there is normal oil massage, you may think why is it important to use only hot oil on hair. But, knowing its benefits will make you try it and the results that you will experience will be amazing. You can do hot oil treatments on your scalp either at home or at salon. All what you have to focus is getting a good massage to increase the blood circulation of the scalp.

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When comparing with normal oil massage, hot oil massage has more benefits. This is due to the mild heat and the effective massage that you apply on the scalp. If you wonder why is it important to use only hot oil on hair, here are some points that can clear your doubt.


Maintain Moisture Balance

Since hot oil treatment is very effective in getting the oil deep into the skin, it will work efficiently to keep the moisture of the scalp. This will in turn keep the moisture balance of your hair, keeping them soft and smooth. This increases the importance of hot hair oil treatment for healthy hair.


Hair Growth

The mild heat that you apply on the scalp along with the gentle massage will help to increase the blood flow. This will help to boost up the hair growth, providing you the benefit of long and thick healthy hair.


Treat Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is one of the most common cause for hair fall and dandruff. When compared with normal oil massage, hot oil treatment is more effective in retaining the moisture on your scalp even after washing the oil off. The importance of hot hair oil treatment is more for those who work in hot outdoors.


Prevent Hair Fall

Hot oil treatment can prevent the drying out of hair shaft. The mild temperature will help the oil to pierce into the hair follicle, making it more moisturised. This is one of the importance of hot hair oil treatment.


Open Hair Cuticles

Warm oil is very effective in opening the hair cuticles. This will help the oil to penetrate into each hair follicle, providing all the nourishment. With normal oil massage, this process will not occur so effectively.


Treat Dandruff

While normal oil massage will leave remnants of oil and dandruffon your scalp, hot oil treatment and massage is very effective in treating dandruff. You can also add some lemon juice to the oil to make the process more effective.

If you wonder why is it important to use only hot oil on hair, knowing how hot oil work to nourish your hair and scalp is important.

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Story first published: Monday, November 9, 2015, 7:03 [IST]
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